Wharf Club

Just In Time will be on-site during the hours listed below but the Wharf Club will be open from 5am-10pm Monday-Sunday.

Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 6-9am and 4.30-7.30pm

Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-3pm

Saturdays from 8.30am-12pm.

Please don’t forget

  • A towel is required (no towel = no workout)
  • It is recommended that hand sanitiser is used and all equipment wiped down between uses

Please email us to be added to our email database to be the first to know of any changes – justin@justintimept.com

Fitness class timetable – All classes are FREE!

(note that classes are all 45 minutes – except the “More than just a walking group” which is 1 hour)

Morning Sessions7-7.45am Bodybalance (45mins)

8-8.45am Water Aerobics (45mins)

9-10am More than just a walking group

10-10.45am Core

7-7.45am Strength (45mins)

8-8.45am Bodybalance (45mins)

9.30-10.15am Water Aerobics (45mins)7-7.45am HIIT, Circuit, Boxercise (45mins)

8-8.45am Bodybalance (45mins)


HIIT, Circuit, Boxercise (45mins)

Evening Sessions6-6.45pm

HIIT, Circuit, Boxercise (45mins)


HIIT, Circuit, Boxercise (45mins)


HIIT, Circuit, Boxercise (45mins)


Strength (45mins)


Strength (45mins)



  • A pre-exercise questionnaire must be completed for anyone wishing to attend a fitness class – this only needs completing once and we will then have on file.
  • All fitness classes are FREE but require booking. As the classes are free, any cancelation less than 2 hours prior to class time will require a $10 cancelation fee to be paid.


Class Descriptions 

(note that classes vary from 30, 45 or 60 minutes)

Aqua This class is designed to be self-paced but enable safe exercises to be performed in the water and take pressure off joints, ligaments and tendons for a nice well-rounded workout! The class will be conducted in the pool and include swimming, walking, water running and many body movement exercises.
Balance, Core and Stretch This class encompasses an all-over body focus on areas of balance, core and stretching. There will a focus on great posture, technique and inclusive mobility, movement and flexibility. Suitable for all ages and abilities!
Core Balance This class encompasses an all-over body focus on areas or strength, balance and targets the core. There will a focus on great posture, technique, mobility and inclusive of the glutes. Suitable for all ages and abilities!
Core Strengthening This class is a “pilates” inspired class with an intent focus on incorporating your 9 core muscles (rectus abdominus, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, erector spinae, multifidus, quadratus lumborum, pelvic floor and your glutes)! We will teach you how to get the most out of your core and incorporating many functional movements! Great for anyone that has poor posture, poor motor control but equally an awesome workout for anyone looking for a challenging workout that will leave you feeling what you have done!
HIIT, Circuit and Boxercise This class is a high intensity workout that will include interval training, circuits and boxing! Whilst designed to be of high intensity, it can be modified for all ages, abilities and fitness levels!
Strength This class will focus purely on strength! Legs, Chest, Back, Core – you name it! We will tailor it to your needs too!
Stretching In this class we will focus on slow and controlled stretching mixed up with some PNF and dynamic stretching.
Yarra’s Edge “More than just a walking group” Just In Time provide a weekly walking and exercise session for the Yarra’s Edge community!

In addition to walking around Yarra’s Edge, South Wharf and the Docklands, we aim to include elements of our high end Personal Training and touch on sport and exercise science, education, posture, stretching, mobility, core stability, strength and balance. We will send your regular stretches, and video exercises from our expansive online collection for you to do in between sessions.

The weekly session will always meet outside the Wharf Club at Yarra’s Edge at 76 South Wharf Drive, Docklands every Tuesday from 9-10am. Coffee afterwards. Let’s make it social!

To participate you must email justin@justintimept.com and complete a pre-exercise questionnaire.

Health and Fitness Assessments

All Wharf Club members are entitled to the following complimentary services:

Service code Appointment type Duration
FA60 Full health, posture and fitness assessment 60 mins
PD30, 45, 60 Program design and show through 30, 45 or 60 mins
NA15, 30 Nutritional consultation 15 or 30 mins
PA15 Posture assessment 15 mins
BC15 Body composition analysis 15 mins
PC15, 30 Program check-up 15 or 30 mins
TAG30, 60 Travel or away from gym program design 30 or 60 mins
GPI30 Gym and pool induction 30 mins
HC30, 60 Health Chat – you don’t need to be a regular gym person to see us! 30 mins

To access the Wharf Club, all new members will be required to first complete a “Gym and pool induction” (GPI30).


All fitness classes and appointments are FREE but require booking. As the classes are free, any cancelation less than 2 hours prior to class time will require a $10 cancelation fee to be paid to Just In Time.