Does your Personal Trainer sell you supplements? If so, get rid of them!!!



If the answer is yes, ask yourself if the reason is to supplement your health and wellbeing or is it to supplement your Personal Trainer’s wage?

In my 18+ years of experience I have seen it all and I … Read more

Psychologist tips for surviving the silly season eat-a-thon – By Kate Swann

Kate Swann is a Melbourne Psychologist in private practice in Hawthorn, and the author of the book Do You Really Want to Lose Weight? I met with Kate just over a week ago as her area of expertise fascinates me … Read more

Is a Personal Trainer really worth it?

I am sure you are expecting me to answer this with an emphatic “YES!!!” But in all honesty, on the whole I would have to answer that no they are not!

Australia-wide there are over 30,000 registered Personal Trainers and … Read more