Stick with cooking Pete Evans, you are a chef not a dietitian.

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My kids think that I cook a really good lamb cutlet (or lolly-pop chop as they refer to them) on the BBQ and I think that I make a very nice turkey and salad sandwich but I am in no … Read more

Project Ken – to help improve the health and life of a homeless man – THE FINAL EPISODE


Over the middle to latter part of 2014 I have taken a path to try and give back more to the community and not only offered a nutritional seminar to all of my Personal Training Clients, but opened it up … Read more

What do you stand for? Dick Smith vs Halal Certification. Just In Time PT vs Fitness Australia


Recently Dick Smith’s Aussie Grown Foods made a rather bold statement in that it was not prepared to pay the required amount to be certified halal as he/they felt that the money could be spent elsewhere and essentially to help … Read more