Project Ken – to help improve the health and life of a homeless man – THE FINAL EPISODE


Over the middle to latter part of 2014 I have taken a path to try and give back more to the community and not only offered a nutritional seminar to all of my Personal Training Clients, but opened it up to all Southbank residents (where the majority of our clients are based) and also to the wider Melbourne community and it was held at the Boyd Community Hub in Southbank with 100% of donations made to attend going to FareShare ( Another venture was to try and help improve the health and life of a homeless man named “Ken” whom I have seen around the corner of Dandenong Rd and Chapel St, Prahran for many years in my travels between my many clientele residing in and between Malvern/Armadale/Toorak and Southbank/CBD. I have often wondered why and I wanted to find out why and see if I could help him in any way… The videos tell the rest of the story and for those of you that have followed and taken a keen interest in my journey I will share with you the final episode first.

For those of you that haven’t seen or heard of my venture, the other videos are in order of recording and at the very bottom of this post.

Feel free to watch them and what I do hope out of all of this is to make the world a happier, more friendly, positive and healthy place and I know that I have gained an even more resounding belief that helping others gives oneself so much satisfaction and really does explain why I love my job, my career and my passion. It is what I do, what I am and who I am and that gives me enormous satisfaction.

Please take away from this that you too can help make a positive impact on someone just by smiling or giving a simple hello. Anything more is a bonus!

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Justin Moran

Just In Time Personal Training