Who is Usain Bolt? Who is Glen Mills?

Usain Bolt

I would be very surprised if many of you didn’t know the answer to who Usain Bolt is. Yet I am equally confident that very few of you would have any idea of who Glen Mills is?

Yet behind the fastest man in the world over 100m and supreme world-class athlete is his coach – Glen Mills. That’s right even the world’s best athlete has someone to teach, educate and mentor him to not only be his best, but to maintain that title and to continue to keep that title.

If we apply that to us and our everyday life, many of us from all walks of life, with varying goals and abilities and varying priorities in what is important to us, simply choose to go it alone and without seeking the help of someoene that could help bring out the best in us and make it easier to seek vision, clarity, direction, guidance and education to be the best we can be.

Understandably to seek the regular service of a business coach, a psychologist, a personal trainer, dietitian or a life coach can cost us money and perhaps it is something that we feel is not of value and not worth the expense. Here-in-lies the need to first sit down with a pen and paper and really give it some thought to what your life goals are and write these down. From this we can “reverse engineer” and work back to our daily existence and what steps (if any) that we are taking to achieve these goals.

Once we have found our major goal or goals, I encourage you to take the steps to really look at what you can do differently to help you get there and then see if there maybe someone that can step in and help “coach” you to be your best and get to your ultimate destination.

The power of writing these things down I cannot stress just how important they are in helping you be the person that you want to be and help seek the clarity that you need to explore what you need to do to get there.

If I can share with you for a minute my major goal or focus in life and that is (put broadly and simply): “ULTIMATE HAPPINESS”. Now for me this works on many levels as I know what that means in my mind and that includes what I work on almost every day with my Personal Training clientele and that is to aim for, strive for and ultimately achieve “Lifestyle Balance”.

Now this is not easily done but I then using “reverse engineering” to have 10 sub-goals and these are what I have broken down to work towards on a daily basis.

I won’t bore you with the exact details and what they are but essentially they are focussed around my wife, kids, family, sleep, exercise, fitness, my ever-growing and exciting Personal Business and my incredible staff and clients. All of this wrapped up with an increased financial freedom.

One such person that helped me see the need of really focussing on writing down my goals and sharing these with others is a very successful businessman name Matthew Michalewicz and I would heavily suggest that you venture over to his website and take the “Life in Half a Second Challenge” and read his book “Life in Half a Second”.

I would also then suggest that you set yourself up to seek out some sort of mentor or coach to help you get to be where you want to be in life and then explore the options to make every effort to first meet up with the relevant person to help you on a weekly, monthly or periodic basis relevant to your finances and/or circumstance and then do whatever it takes to pencil yourself in as a priority in life and maximising your productivity by surrounding yourself with positive people and head in the direction that you want to go. Removing yourself from negative environments and negative people makes the world of difference and will really help you be the best you can be. Maybe not Usain Bolt but more importantly you.

One of the key benefits of electing to enlist the services of myself as a personal trainer or my hand-picked and trained staff is that we offer way more than that and I think this blog alone may already show that we are more than just someone that turns up, gets you out of bed and makes you do burpees, push-ups and makes you sweat. Probably 80% of Personal Trainers are just that, but the difference in us is that (and I have had many clients prefer to refer to me as their “health and Well-being custodian” – thanks Keith Woods!) we are all about helping people explore the overall holistic approach to one’s physical, mental and emotional health.

We are a great first port of call in helping many discover their overall health and fitness goals but equal of importance is looking and exploring deeper than that and looking bigger picture.

Once we unlock that path with you, it may become clearer that you need to move on and see a dietitian, psychologist, counsellor, GP, business coach, physiotherapist, chiropractor, relationship counsellor, sleep specialist or partake in yoga, Pilates, etc.

At the end of the day, we can all continue on our everyday path and just let life roll on but sometimes it takes the help of someone special to help you unlock the inner person that is capable of achieving so much more. Sometimes you just don’t know it!

Justin Moran

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