The Just In Time Personal Training 2019 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards!


Well what a year it has been again at Just In Time! So many amazing achievements from our clients and of course spurred on by my team of extremely talented trainers! As usual all of these winners have a back story and hurdles that they have overcome to get to where they are today. Some of these stories are private and not for sharing here. I am so thrilled with the direction Just In Time has taken and that we reward those that have taken great steps towards a healthier lifestyle balance and ultimately what should be everyone’s major goal in life – happiness.

As many of you would know we are the only Personal Training company in Melbourne that exclusively employs University Degree qualified trainers and what that means to our clients is that they are all individually assessed in relation to where they sit on the behaviour change model (see pic below) and then taken along a journey in a holistic manner to achieve their goals. We focus heavily on our clients completing a lifestyle balance wheel (see pic below) and then taking them through a posture assessment that is accompanied with a why and how to improve it. We then build relationships and with the majority of our clients doing as little as just one session per week, our 4 pillar for success process gets results through empathy, education, support, accountability and all underpinned by sports science (not one burpee performed!).

We are 100% focused on not only helping you attain the results you are after but more importantly we strive to ensure that you take complete ownership of your health, fitness and well-being whilst creating a better lifestyle balance for you to ensure you get the most out of your day, week, year and your life overall. The lifestyle balance wheel  is one such tool we use from day one to set up these outstanding results.

All Just In Time Personal Training clients were eligible over the course of the year and nominated by each of our team of highly credentialed trainers. The categories were fiercely contested and as always, it was very hard deciding on our final but very worthy winners. Stay tuned at the bottom for our two latest Hall of Fame inductees!


Our award winners for 2019 are as follows:

  • The GOLD Just In Timer award this year went to Michael Darby (pictured below). Jake is his trainer and this is Jake’s summary – Michael is a client that without a doubt will put 110% in each and every week, with not one bit of hesitation to do whatever is set out for the session. His ability to change his lifestyle around and now have a set routine for his food and exercise is something that has held him in good stead. Reason being, is that exercise for him is now a part of his daily life. He loves to work hard and loves to embrace all sorts of challenges. Since beginning back in April of 2018, He has lost 7.2kg, dropped a total of 6.2% of body fat, gained a total of 3.4% of muscle, dropped 8 years of his body age and also 3 levels of visceral fat! I could not be prouder of his achievements since making the decision to start Personal Training. He’s an absolute machine!


The Runner Up for the GOLD Just In Timer award went to Katya Ruzyla. Katya is a client who trains with her partner (Lawrence) and juggles a busy lifestyle with three young boys. Although this is the case, she still creates time to train with Just in Time Personal Training every week and also completes other activities to keep her fit in her own time. Her best asset is her determination and competitiveness as she likes to be pushed very hard during her sessions with her partner. Since she started with Just in Time, she has almost lost 10kg and about 7% in body fat, which is remarkable for someone who is so busy. What Katya has achieved is nothing short of outstanding and we are very proud of her.

The Mr and Mrs Just In Time award went to an amazing husband and wife couple in Fabian and Jules Sunder-Plassman. Fabian is trained by Victor who had this to say – Fabian has made leaps and bounds in his physical conditioning. From day one he has worked extra hard to smash out his sessions, always working at his limit. He has not missed a session and continues to prove that he’s hungry for results. Since starting training mid-way through the year Fabian has lost 10kg and is still going strong! Jules is trained by both Victor and Jake and Jake had this summary – Determined is the word best used to describe Jules. Such a driven individual, she has her goals that I have no doubt she will achieve. The lifestyle changes she has made, along with her husband Fabian, are ones that will continue to ensure they’re making exercise more habitual and also continuing to make the right choices when it comes to their food. Julia has lost 8.4kg since beginning with us mid-way through the year. Her continual excitement for each of her personal training sessions make the sessions with myself and Victor that much more enjoyable.

The Mr Just In Time Runner Up was Damjan Vuckevic whom is trained by Alessandro whom had this to say – I am really proud to have the possibility of training Damjan! He loves running and he fits one or two running sessions into his weekly schedule in addition to our PT session early in the morning before going to work as a professor at University! He is a lover of the Park Run in Albert Park and this year he can be well proud of his results, he dropped his personal best time of 21′ 40″ in 2018 to a new personal best of 21′ 12″ in 2019! The hour of our training session flies by as he is always ready for the next exercise or the next challenge. One more thing, being a healthy dad, Damjan is educating his little daughters to healthy nutrition and lifestyle, preparing them to be the best for their future! JUST IN TIME APPROVED! 👍

The Mrs Just In Time Runner Up this year was a new-comer at the age of 73! Heather Sinclair was trained by Patrick and then Ross throughout the year and Ross had this summary – Heather is one of the nicest and committed clients I have ever had. Her ability to create time to complete physical activity and consistently train is fantastic. At 73 years of age, Heather lost about 5kg and 4.5% in body fat percentage since starting with Just in Time Personal Training, which is outstanding! I am very proud of how far Heather has come, and I always look forward to training her and seeing her 2 Italian Greyhounds. Heather in response to hearing of her award had this email come my way –

“Thank you so much for the award, although I’m not really sure what it means!

I am so surprised at what I achieved this year with my Personal Trainers as well as working out by myself. I never could have predicted such positive results after just 8 months (at my age). I turn 74 on New Years Day. I certainly feel healthier and stronger now.

I am very proud to be a Just In Time client and I congratulate you for operating such a fabulous business; how lucky I was to find you…”

Heather you are amazing and we are very confident that 2020 will see even more improvements – well done 🙂

The Best Body Composition Improvements for Males this year went to a client shared by Victor and Alessandro and that was Nicholas Mohl! Nick has had a ton of success since starting training with Just in Time. Most notably he has had the fastest body composition change out of all our clients in 2019! Despite his constantly changing commitments, Nick has been able to maintain his training and nutrition to a high standard – which has over the long haul – yielded great results! Nick has stripped 20.3kg in 10 months! This is already a statement! He has been working on night shift, but he always found a spot during the day to fit in 2 sessions per week! He finished up with us in November this year but we hope to have him back soon, when he settles a little bit with the new job, to smash more results!

The winner of the Best Body Composition Improvements for Females in 2019 went to Jiayi Gao. Alessandro was her trainer and he had this to say – Jiayi started her journey with Just In Time pretty much as a novice regarding gym and exercises. The improvements that she has made have been stellar and now she is not only able to workout with a more efficient and effective way, but also to challenge her partner when it comes to exercise! She lost 7.5kg since she started, lost 6.1% of body fat and gained 2.3% of Skeletal Muscle! We registered the best drops when in those periods where she was eating healthier and that’s why we always remind the importance of healthy nutrition, mixed with the right amount of exercise! Well done Jiayi!

The Runners Up for both Male and Female Best Body Composition Improvements were Glen Bartlett and Alicia Thomas respectively. Glen is a super busy many that I have trained since the start of the year. He has an enormous workload with his role as President of the Melbourne AFL football club as well as his very own legal and workplace business. For those reasons alone it was always going to be tough to steer the ship away from many social occasions and long hours at work but we did it and will continue to do so in 2020 and beyond. Glen lost a total of 8.5kgs but of equal importance is his ability to make dietary changes and find gaps in the day to exercise. Well done Glen (pictured below)!

Alicia was trained by Alessandro at one of the many apartment gyms that we frequent and this is what he had to say about Alicia – Absolutely amazing client and the OMRON (body composition scales) results are just the natural consequence coming from consistency and huge effort in every single session! She lost 6kg in 4 months, lost 4.2% Body fat and increased 2.1% of Skeletal Muscle! Impressive! Do you want to know her secret? She committed to watch an episode of her favourite TV series just when she was going to the gym for a workout!

The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change awards were hotly contested and could have easily gone to another 5 or 6 very worthy winners but as they say, there can only be one winner! Lauren Hansen is the winner for 2019 and you have to love her story and determination! You see I started training Lauren over 15 years ago and at that time she met another of my clients at the time (Susan Blamey) and i then trained them together for years! Without getting into too much detail, Lauren has battled some health issues for years but just keeps getting back up and pushing on. With me, training was somewhat irregular due to her health and a very time and travel demanding career and many others would have given up. Not Lauren. She kept pushing and pushing and in recent years I have not had the ability to fit either Lauren or Susan into my hectic schedule. Enter Assistant Manager Jake whom has trained them for just over a year now and this is what he had to say about Lauren – With such a busy lifestyle due to her work commitments, Lauren has been able to juggle everything and find more time for herself. The results have been evident, with her increased fitness during her cardio, overall strength and also her ability to consistently do something to positively change her lifestyle. Even though we start at 5.40am, Lauren has not missed a session while she’s in Melbourne. Great stuff Lauren and keep up the awesome work!

The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change Runners Up (there were two!) were both Dianne Lewington and Peter Condos. I have trained Di for over two years now in my home town of Barwon Heads and I cannot begin to tell you the sense of satisfaction I have from training Di. You see Di has a condition known as Bethlem’s Myopathy which in itself is very debilitating and compromises her everyday movement. It makes exercise hard and uncomfortable and makes getting anything done without supervision or assistance very hard. Through NDIS funding, I am immensely privileged to get to train Di two times each week and to see her improvements over our time together has been amazing! You see Di cannot use an exercise bike like many of us may take for granted, we use a “pedal exerciser” that sits on the floor whilst Di sits on a couch. When we started, 20 seconds of continuous cycling was a stretch. Turn the clock forward and she can achieve 10-20 minutes on her own!  We of course mix it up with sprints and varying intensities and various other exercises, stretches and movements and combine this with her devotion to healthy eating and constantly trying to better herself with movement on a daily basis and she is a very deserving winner of this award! Peter Condos is trained by Alessandro and this is what he had to say: Inspirational client! Peter is 78 years old and he is planning to ride his bike Around the Bay in a day, a 210 Km ride. Due to a pulmonary embolism he had reduced his lung capacity of 15%. This year he really worked hard and if not just for holidays, never missed a session! He started with short bike rides on the weekend and now he goes either with the group or solo for a longer bike ride 1-2 times every weekend! Peter has worked hard to ensure a healthier and more active lifestyle across the board and I am certain there is more to come in 2020 and beyond!

The Best Core and Overall Strength Development award went to a client of mine named Peter Woodruff. Peter has had bypass surgery, some neck issues and whilst a very active person throughout his entire life had a curve ball thrown at him prior to starting with me over a year ago. He may not like me broadcasting this but co-ordination was not a strong point, but after perseverance and support, Peter has been simply amazing! We have had to start out with basic movement patterns, slowly but surely increase his core and overall strength and the fact is that he has acquitted himself amazingly well with every-increasingly difficult home programs to do on his own between our weekly PT sessions. His core and overall strength is fantastic and it is baffling to see him whistling away at some advanced exercises that I have given to him and he find them “doing nothing”!

The Best Core and Overall Strength Development Runner Up was a little stiff to miss out on the ultimate prize as he is simply amazing with his brute strength. Peter Butko has trained with me for a number of years now and came from an inability to perform one full (structurally correct) push up to now being able to do 30+ but so much more! A great example of when you believe something can or cannot be done and then pushing oneself to keep going for more! Peter has had fantastic improvements in strength this year, hitting up heavier and heavier weights, and managing advanced core exercises.  He has successfully overcome many hurdles and hit as many milestones this year. Peter has been very particular and frequent in his goal setting, and this has definitely helped massively in keeping his goals in perspective and achieving all that he has. Well done Pete!

The Young Achiever Healthy Lifestyle Change award this year went to Tilly Grollo. Tilly is trained by Jake and has continued to grow each and every week. Her resilience and work ethic have been such a highlight. Tilly followed a 6-8 week running program to ensure she could complete a half marathon in Cambodia during early December (she also had to ride 50km the day before). Completing this challenge has not only been something she could tick off, but also something she should be extremely proud of, as I am extremely proud of her achievements. Onto the next challenge!

Yearly we have Continued Excellence awards and these are for our many loyal and committed clients that continue to simply be just brilliant with yearly consistently great performance. When it is so easily to give up or take your foot off the gas when it comes to your health, fitness and wellness, these four worthy winners simply do not! Well done to: Damian Smith, Kat Benson, Linus Chang and Ian Atkin.

Damian Smith is trained by Jake – Damo, not only a great person but also a fantastic client. Damo is visually impaired and understands the importance of our sessions and why they’re programmed the way they are. If we compare when we first started back in mid-2018 to now, his technique, strength, flexibility and also his balance are the 4 major improvements. His upbeat and positive energy throughout our sessions make the hour fly by. One of my favourite things about training Damo is when I throw challenges at him, he simply gets them done, all with a smile.

Kat Benson is also trained by Jake – Kat is very self-driven; at times I’ve even needed to tone her back! Kat completed two 10km events, both were what continued to motivate her to push through the tough cardio sessions. She has had some minor setbacks with injuries but has always done her exercise rehab well and got back to her usual running, all from her attention to detail. She has even come a long way with understanding the importance of listening to her body and knowing when to tone it back! Giving 100% is something Kat prides herself on doing and is something I see week in week out.

Linus Chang is trained by Victor and myself – Linus has been active in so many ways this year. Personal training has really taken his favourite activities, hiking and rock climbing to new heights – quite literally! He pushes his limits in every session and is always eager to try new types of training. Linus has maintained an immaculate training and nutritional record, which has translated into consistently fantastic body composition readings. His also a raging Entrepreneur in the coding world and his lifestyle balance keeps him from being his absolute best but yet he still strives to make exercise a priority!

Ian Atkin is trained by me and I have trained him for over two years. Having come from a competitive track cycling background (where he was the World Master’s Champion for the individual pursuit), Ian to this day is a man driven by being his absolute best. Anything less than that is seen as a failure, so it has been tough dealing with some health issues in the last 12 months but yet his 50% output is better than most others at 100%! Ian is a pleasure to train and his ability to withstand the hardest of hard workouts is amazing and inspiring!

Our Hall of Fame category in only its second year has two new additions to James Redfern and Brad Rowland from 2018. This year we have added Brigid Isaac and Kellie Kliman (see pic below). These new additions are reflective of not just continued excellence but simply dominating life when it comes to putting health, fitness and well-being on the highest pedestal that it deserves! Simply put, our society as a whole is not active enough, does not eat healthy enough, is mentally weaker than in previous eras and all in all across the board, not enough devotion and application is put in to our mental and physical well-being. Brigid Isaac was the worthy winner of our GOLD Just In Timer award in 2018 and continues to grow as a woman, a mother and as a role model to her three boys. She has taken off past the need to find a way to fit exercise into her lifestyle but instead move our sessions from being weekly and educational with fitness and strength to merely strength and injury “prehab” whilst she does her cardio and home resistance exercises on her own between sessions! She has completed 10km runs, a couple of half-marathons and a triathlon and is simply amazing! Well done Brigid! Meanwhile Kellie has been a client of mine for over 22 years! can you believe that??? As one can imagine, 22 years means a lot of dealing with my bad jokes but in all seriousness, Kellie is a walking specimen of health, fitness and longevity! Kellie does her one PT session a week with me and mixes it up with yoga and Pilates. She continues to set PB’s to this day and is a worthy recipient of making the Just In Time Hall of Fame!

So that wraps up our 2019 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards! I encourage all current and new clients in 2020 to set your sights on one of those awards and have a real crack in 2020 and making it the best year for your health, fitness and well-being under the guidance of the Just In Time Personal Training team. Anyone that would like to start Personal Training in the New Year and either currently out of condition or looking to take your health, posture, fitness and well being to another level, I encourage you to start with us and you will be amazed at the results that you can achieve from just one session a week!

Justin Moran and the rest of my amazing team!

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