The Coronavirus has brought about one massive positive! What is it?


Now I could answer you in the first line but I would like to get you to read a little more!

You see the Coronavirus has been the biggest thing to happen across the globe to us all and it will change the way in which we live forever. Sadly it has caused much devastation and loss of life. Suicide rates have increased markedly, it has caused immense stress, anxiety and depression. Job losses and financial impact have hit many hard. Rates of domestic violence have reportedly increased. So not much positive to make of any of that unfortunately.

But as a Personal Trainer of 25 years whom has spent over half of my life helping people discover the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves, the one crystal clear positive that I have noticed has been a massive increase in demand for our Personal Training services! Sure that is a massive positive for me and my 8 year-old business but deeper than that is the fact that this global health pandemic has seen many people sit back and take stock and realise the importance of their health, fitness and overall well-being!

Now you may scoff at this as being a small positive but living in Australia where in 2017-18 , the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s National Health Survey showed that two thirds (67%) of Australian adults were overweight or obese (12.5 million people), an increase from 63.4% in 2014-15 (CLICK HERE for full article). Now I don’t want to come across as harsh but that is not only a national disgrace but embarrassing that a country with such wealth, education, access to health services and an abundance of health, fitness, sporting and recreational options could have such an elevated rate of obese and overweight Australians!

So knowing that if you are overweight, obese, unhealthy, poor nutrition, smoker, unfit or with pre-existing health complications that you have a great risk of dying from contracting the Coronavirus, I would like to think that surely you would use this horrible situation as the catalyst for positive change!

So moving away from the increase in Personal Training and the many successful stories I could share, I would like to share with you some fantastic positive changes that I have heard first-hand from people that I know or know of that do not use our services:

  • A lady in her 60’s working as a Nurse on the front-line that pre-COVID for over 20 years has smoked between 40-50 cigarettes a day quit smoking over a 3 week period and has gone down to zero cigarettes a day! Wow! Amazing positive!
  • A man that I have known from one of the apartment gyms that I have frequented for over 15 years in Melbourne that has always been overweight. Since having the restrictions of one hour a day of exercise, he has taken it upon himself to walk 1 hour (sometimes 2 hours) a day, seven days a week and I hardly recognised him when I saw him 4 weeks ago. He has lost over 20kgs! Another amazing positive!
  •  The number of families that have connected in ways in which they rarely if ever did before by walking, riding, playing soccer/footy/tennis together! Amazing to see and hopefully will continue as the new norm moving forward!

You see, we all have choices in life and we can all react to hardship in differing ways. I even heard a quote the other day – “while some cry, others sell tissues”. Some may say harsh but I am very big on controlling the controllable and the one thing that all of us can do is to exercise for one hour a day. If we can afford to, we can seek out the help of a professional to help. But the easy thing to do is to sit back, play the victim and resort to eating crap and drinking alcohol. Put on weight, feel crap and the cycle continues.

I urge you as it is not too late to make some positive changes. If you are starting from the very bottom, buy yourself a $2 calendar and tick off as little as a 5 minute walk per day and do it daily. Build it to 10 minutes, take it to 15 and continue to build. If you feel like eating some form of unhealthy or crappy food do me and yourself a favour and before eating it do one of three things:

  1. Drink a glass of water
  2. Walk one lap of the block
  3. Eat an apple.

If after doing one of those three things you still feel like eating the food item you desired, go for it! At least you have put a positive thing in there that would not have otherwise been there in the first place.

You are allowed to exercise with one other. Grab your partner, friend or neighbour and keep each other accountable! Exercise together!

If you have not been affected financially throughout this period then I urge you to seek the services of a Health Professional. Remember – you only need one Personal Training session a week to set you up for life! We are the only mobile Personal Training company in Victoria that exclusively employs University Degree qualified trainers that come to you! We service Melbourne, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula! Given that Geelong/Bellarine is only stage 3 with restrictions it is here where we have been swamped like never before and simply cannot keep up and have had to turn away some clients with some specific time/day requests! Amazing and a very positive sign for what I am sure will be compounded when Melbourne eases restrictions and I certain that I will need to add to my esteemed team of trainers!

One final comment – The Coronavirus has caused so much pain, heartache and devastation to so many people and for that I am heartbroken and wish it wasn’t this way. We can all make a positive from this situation and in fact I urge you to sit down with a pen and paper and try to make a list of what they are because there are for some many, for others a few. If your health and fitness has not seen a positive change and you feel that you have neglected it, please do something about it. Do it for your partner, do it for your kids or do it for yourself. You can do it!


Justin Moran

Managing Director

Just In Time Personal Training

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