The 2016 Just In Time Personal Training Health and Lifestyle Balance awards!


Well another year has passed us by and we have seen some amazing results and so many lives improved! With us at Just In Time Personal Training it is not all about the body transformations and the before and after photos but more so the holistic way of looking at one’s health, fitness and wellbeing! A way of showing this is our annual “Health and Lifestyle Balance” awards.

We are 100% focussed on not only helping you attain the results you are after but more importantly we strive to ensure that you take complete ownership of your health, fitness and wellbeing whilst creating a better lifestyle balance for you to ensure you get the most out of your day, week, year and your life overall.

All Just In Time Personal Training clients were eligible over the course of the year and nominated by each of our team of trainers. The categories were fiercely contested and it was very hard deciding on our final but very worthy winners.

I would like to give a special mention to the following businesses  and service providers for their kind donations:

  • Alexandra Archard from Dineamic. They make some fantastic, healthy and nutritious prepared foods and they deliver!
  • Louise Duncan and the team at EMP Industrial. These guys provide a wide array of great exercise equipment from yoga to dumbells, swiss balls, resistance bands, foam rollers, you name it! Based in Malvern they have been a great support for me and the business.
  • Sam Bugeja from Lifecare Malvern is one of two Physiotherapists that we refer our clients to and he has been treating mine and our clients for close to 15 years!
  • Lisa Middleton is one of Melbourne’s leading Dietitian’s and I have known, worked with and been friends for 20 years where we first went through University together. Lisa is available for consultations.
  • Dr Nathan Bridger is the Chiropractor that we refer to and he is based in both Middle Park and Williamstown.
  • Emily Loveless is an outstanding remedial masseur and is available for both mobile treatments like us where she can come to you or from two locations in Malvern or Albert Park.
  • Dr Luke Reid is a great Osteopath that treats out of Point Cook at Point Cook Physical where our second largest client base derives from and he is fantastic!

The award winners are as follows:

  • The most coveted and prestigious GOLD Just In Timer award went to Karl Swanton whom since starting in May 2015 lost at best a total of 19.2 kgs, 13.3% body fat, gained 7.4% muscle and reduced his visceral fat by 6! More importantly than all of these figures has been his lifestyle change that includes a sensible and balanced diet, mindfulness and a regular exercise regime. Side note – Karl has only ever trained once per week with me as his trainer! Well done Karl your prize is a Sports Nutrition Dineamic Dozen gift voucher valued at $150.
  • The Mr and Mrs Just In Time awards for overall improvements and consistency with lifestyle went to two ideal candidates that just so happen to be husband and wife = Ian and Kate Provan. Ian was referred to me originally by Physio Sam Bugeja due to his ongoing scoliosis issue and a few years on and with Kate joining 6 months later they have both really made some massive health, fitness and lifestyle changes that includes much family activity with their three adorable kids. They now make the time to get regular exercise into their respective hectic lifestyles and they both receive a complimentary massage from Emily Loveless and a Jade Yoga mat from EMP Industrial respectively. The Runners Up were Linus Chang (pictured below left) whom having started earlier this year has made some massive changes to his health and lifestyle and incidentally just hit his lowest weight and body fat % a couple of days ago and Kym Rowland whom has fought hard despite some health set-backs has managed to maintain a much better and regular exercise regime.

linus-chang-2016-copy paul-barnette-2016-copy

  • This year saw some very tight competition for the Best Body Composition Improvements and in the end resulted in a tie for first place between Paul Barnette (pictured above right) and Geoff Connor (pictured below left)! Paul started in February and lost 11.5kgs in weight, lost 8.1% body fat and increased his muscle by 4.3%! His attitude to exercise and diet has improved immensely and is a worthy winner. Geoff meanwhile started with me in September 2015 after being prompted by his wife and in that time lost (at his best along the way) 12.4kgs, lost 10.3% body fat and gained 6.2% muscle. He too has turned his approach to health, wellbeing and fitness a full 360 degrees! Paul receives a complimentary Chiropractic treatment from Dr Nathan Bridger and Geoff wins a Jade Yoga mat from EMP Industrial. Well done guys! The Runners Up was Lidhia Widjaja whom was testament to the fact that you don’t need to focus on what the scales tell you but more importantly your body composition. Lidhia since starting has only lost just over a kilogram BUT has lost 6.9% body fat and gained 4.6% muscle!
  • The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change award was a tie between winners of awards in 2015 as they are just amazing examples of how no matter how busy you are, you can commit to your health, fitness and wellbeing! Brad Rowland works rather high up with Cotton On, lives in Melbourne, commutes to Geelong daily (if not interstate heaps) and still manages to squeeze in 2 sessions a week plus others on his own. He is testament to what commitment is all about and having won the 2015 Mr Just In Time award he has now lost nearly 20 kilograms and is a completely different person than when I first met him. Xen is the other winner and whilst working in and on his business – Trumpet Events which is Australia’s most exclusive special events company where he puts together such events as the Red Ball, he works massive and crazy hours yet still manages to get 3 PT sessions a week in. Both very deserving winners and both receive a free Osteopath treatment from Dr Luke Reid at Point Cook Physical and a free Dietitian consultation with Lisa Middleton respectively.

geoff-connor-2016-copy janelle-miles-2016-copy

  • The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change award Runner Up was Janelle Miles (pictured above right). Her boyfriend initially sought me out after reading an article of mine in the Southbank Local News. He had expressed that Janelle had chronic back pain and had not much luck in the way of not only pain-free exercise but a pain-free day-to-day life. Since starting with us and in particular Marcelle her trainer, Janelle has gone from strength-to-strength and hardly once missed her weekly session. She is now all but pain-free and her lifestyle balance is outstanding!
  • The Best Core and Overall Strength award went to a seasoned fitness regular Kellie Kliman (pictured below left) who I have trained for 18 years now and whilst always fit, strong and healthy, the last 12 months has seen her really excel with Pilates, Yoga and mindfulness/meditation. It has seen her hit life-best low body fat% and outstanding core strength! Kellie wins a free Physiotherapy treatment from Sam Bugeja at Lifecare Malvern. Runner Up was Kate Provan who has really improved with the incorporating of the TRX and advanced BOSU exercises and is now very strong and with vastly improved posture and function.
  • The Young Achiever Healthy Lifestyle Change award went to Lucas Derrick whom is one of our three Melbourne Victory youth team players that Daniel has trained this year. Lucas represented the Australian under 17 Joey’s team last year and since having Daniel train him 1-2 x per week has seen Lucas equip himself much better with his diet, his varying exercise programs designed to see him excel in his soccer career and he is a well deserving winner of this award. The Runner Up was Maddy Holland (pictured below right) whom I started training earlier this year and she has done extremely well to drop 10 kilograms and really look forward to her training sessions with me as well as improving her overall approach to her health and wellbeing. She has set the scene for some further major positive changes in 2017!

kellie-kliman-2016-copy maddy-holland-2016-copy

  • With our increase in demand for our Workplace Health programs this year, we decided to expand our awards to include some very worthy winners from this area of our ever-growing business. So the Workplace Health and Lifestyle Balance Best Healthy Lifestyle Change award went to Jo Burrows. Jo sought my services initially for a once per week visit to her workplace for her team at Inspired Staffing and Dentafind in North Melbourne and from this once per week team indoor exercise session stemmed some one-on-one consultation with any team member that wanted to doing a Omron body composition check-up and weigh in, nutritional education and food diary analysis and any individual exercise program. Jo was one of those to do this and gained some fantastic results! She not only lost around 7kgs and 7% body fat but then got focussed on her health and fitness, starting Personal Training 1-2 x per week and changed her entire approach and commitment. Well done Jo!
  • The Workplace Health and Lifestyle Balance Best Body Composition Improvements award went to one of Jo’s team members Kayla Strinovic. Kayla initially started with the weekly exercise class, sought me out for individual monitoring and nutritional education and food diary analysis and then started getting more regular with going to the gym. To her credit, it was evident that Kayla increased her metabolism immensely, lost 7.4kgs, lost 6.8% body fat and gained 3% more muscle. A great effort and both a great example of what a workplace health program can do to help improve the lives of their employees as well as no doubt improving their sense of worth to the business and work output. Both Jo and Kayla win a Jade Yoga mat from EMP Industrial.
  • The final set of awards we decided to add and they were the Continued Excellence awards and went to four award winners from 2015 that continue to do everything right! We are all about sustained results and being able to maintain a balanced and healthy life and as such these four continue to excel! Well done to Baishakhi Connor (pictured below right), Dianne Curnow, James Redfern (pictured below left) and Elizabeth Morris!

james-redfern-2016-copy baishakhi-connor-2016-copy

So that wraps up our 2016 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards! I encourage all current and new clients in 2017 to set your sights on one of those awards and have a real crack in 2017 and making it the best year for your health, fitness and wellbeing under the guidance of the Just In Time Personal Training team. Anyone that would like to start Personal Training in the New Year and either currently out of condition or looking to take your health, posture, fitness and wellbeing to another level, I encourage you to start with us and you will be amazed at the results that you can achieve from just one session a week!

Justin Moran and the rest of my amazing team!

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