Fitness and Health Sexpo? It’s time the fitness industry moves with the times….

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Sex sells! We all know that. After attending the Melbourne Fitness and Health Expo today, it is clear that some things never change. Put simply the place was full of narcissistic, self-absorbed Instagram selfie taking gym addicts! Granted that it was an improvement on the previous one that I went to two years ago that showcased Crossfit (thank God that horrible bastardisation of gym technique, etiquette and personality is dying a slow death), fake tan and teeth-whitening stands!

Don’t get me wrong, the fitness equipment stands are a must and a necessity to help showcase both new and existing equipment to Personal Trainers, fitness instructors, group fitness instructors and the owners of workplace, residential apartments, public and private gyms. But as for the rest… Does there really need to be close to 50% of stands with protein (and other) supplements? Seriously, whilst less than 5% of the population may have “the perfect body”, the sad reality is that if you asked everyone in the world would they change their body if they could, you would find that close to 95% would answer yes! And most of those people would be looking to lose weight, get fit, active and moving – not to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lara Croft.

Here-in-lies the problem – you have an expo that sends out these messages that we all need to look glamorous and have amazing bodies (see the picture displayed prominently above) and yet the people we as fitness professionals are there to help don’t need protein supplements, they don’t need Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine showing “how to have amazing sex” or “5 ways to make your boyfriend find you sexy” (let alone their front cover with pictured model) and don’t need trainers strutting around scantily clad with bum bags that are more absorbed in their own little world than helping the client or class participant set achievable goals and actively engage positive behaviour change.

Walking around today in many ways really highlighted just how outdated and behind most of the fitness industry really is. I say this because the bigger gyms continually open, sell up after about 5-7 years and then do the same again 5-7 years later. Personal Trainers (because there are a plethora of basic and poor ones out there) can’t make enough money to earn a living because they are either bad or have no business nous (or both) so turn to selling supplements to their clients at marked up rates to supplement their income (think about it, are you selling them a supplement because they need it or because you need to sell it?). The majority of Personal Trainers are so absorbed with their own bodies and having to obsess over perfection that they pass this way of life on to their clients and this is not healthy.

Meanwhile it is the majority of the population that are not armed with the skills to understand the education behind nutrition. Sure we all know what we should eat and what we shouldn’t but the reality is that very few trainers actually educate their clients in how to read food labels or how to understand the amount of calories provided by 1 gram of carbohydrate (4), protein (4), alcohol (7), and fat (9). Teaching them how to fend for themselves with sensible food choices and explaining that fad diets will never work.

Many of the population lead busy and stressful lives, are in bad relationships or are single parents, many have mental illness, many are overweight or obese and many have injuries, or health conditions… the list goes on. This is the real world. Not the glamorous “Fitness and Health Expo” world!

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The sad thing about today is that those associated in the fitness industry feel the need to hire models to dress up and look the part to help sell or endorse their products. Are we really that shallow? I asked some “dude” today a scientific based question about what was actually in his protein supplements and what a surprise, not even a semblance of a clue! Integrity, authenticity and credibility is what lacks in many people these days and there was not a lot on offer today. Fake boobs, teeth-whitening, high-heels, fake tan, overly developed muscles and bum bags are not what the industry needs to get some credibility from allied health professionals. It is time to step up, apply more sports science and education as pivotal components of the health and fitness industry and knock down the charlatans and snake oil salesmen out there to make a quick buck. Let’s shift the focus back to the people. To the people that need our help!

In our mobile Personal Training business, we educate, empower, evoke long-term behaviour change, strive for a better lifestyle balance and set up accountabilities for our clients so that they can take ownership of their health and wellbeing. And, get this! If they want any exercise equipment, we source it for them at cost price and give it to them at that very same price – the focus is on the client and our premium level of service. We also do not align ourselves with any supplement company and never will. I am sure that with this approach, we remain true to my values and morals and we maintain integrity, authenticity and credibility. Mark my words, we currently offer the very best mobile Personal Training service in Melbourne with respect to clients achieving long-term behaviour change, lifestyle balance and achieving results and we will be the biggest and most highly regarded mobile Personal Training service in Melbourne within the next 2-3 years.

HIGHLIGHTS from the Expo

  • It was good to see all of the latest fitness equipment on offer and in particular catch up with Greg Doherty from HQH Fitness. He made contact a while back after reading my most-read and most controversial blog post (Commando Steve, Sage Institute and the many shortcomings of the fitness industry) that was shared by Australasian Leisure Management. In particular I was impressed with their “Row Trainer”.
  • It was great to see one of my former staff from my previous role prior to starting my own business – Chris Scales showcasing all that F45 has to offer. Chris was a fantastic Personal Trainer under me for 5 years and he has now gone on to take on the Northcote F45 gym
  • I dropped past and had a chat to Nigel Benton, the Publisher of Australasian Leisure Management . He produces some great content for all involved in the fitness industry and it was a refreshing chat!
  • Not seeing any stalls for Isagenix or Herbalife!!! Seriously – rubbish over-priced products designed to hook poor unsuspecting souls into a negative cycle of “water-loss” but think they are actually going to get somewhere and long-term! NB: Run a mile away from ANY Personal Trainer that aligns themselves with either of these companies. Their interest is not in you but in draining your wallet! 
  • Not seeing any mention of crossfit or paleo!!! What a relief. Put simply the majority of these kind are just a little “different”.

LOWLIGHTS from the Expo

  • Pretty much most of the purpose for me taking the time to write this blog.
  • The most disappointing thing to see today was on one of the group exercise stages that had a special guest trainer/instructor. Whilst he had an amazing and muscular body that many females were drooling over, it was disappointing to see him clearly unplanned proceed and then realise that the lowest barbell weight was 20kg and that he would then get the 8 or so women participating have a go at a barbell bent over row. Some of them were clearly out of their depth with lifting the excessive weight and yet he had no back up options or versatility to offer any alternative exercises. Pretty disappointing for him to be a special guest and supposedly of some sort of note and yet lack the skills to carry out a simple group exercise class.


So there you have it. Not a positive portrayal of what is the pin up for the fitness industry calendar but my sincere hope is to highlight this and make more people aware and hopefully one day some quantifiable positive changes will be made. I am very keen to not conform to the rest of the group and sheep mentality as I am a leader and will continue to ensure that the product that my team and I offer is superior to the rest of what is offered and originally prompted me to write this blog – “Please help me improve the standards of the Personal Training Industry within Australia“.

Yours in health, fitness and wellbeing!

Justin Moran

Managing Director

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