Residential apartment gym, pool and facility inductions – Here is the solution ahead of its time!

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Two years after first coming up with this original concept and many residential apartment developments are still yet to see the way forward when it comes to gym, pool and facility inductions. My video concept is the first of it’s kind that I am aware of in Australia and the process will help heavily reduce an entire list of issues stemming from legal liability to curbing the impact of short-term stays and making the use of gym, pool and facilities less problematic.

Currently there are what appears to be only two options for this process – 1) turn a blind eye and elect to throw the responsibility on to the user of the pool or gym and have no actual formal induction process, or 2) have a Personal Trainer come along from a nearby gym or Personal Training business. Both of these systems are fraught with danger as they are not fool-proof and many slip through the cracks for the latter option and the delivery of these inductions is questionable at best. A lawsuit is awaiting any residential apartment complex that chooses to continue with the first option!

What I offer is a video or online gym induction process that will ensure improved resident gym and pool etiquette from the standard weekly visits offered by uninspired local personal trainers that merely use it is a method of hoping to attract potential clients and tick off some boxes. My alternative will reduce risk of injury and also better cover any chance of legal challenges should they arise at any residential gym. This is not to mention improved behaviour and adherence to all pool and gymnasium rules and guidelines from residents and visitors alike.

Please note the legal comment I had from an expert in the field on owner’s corporation law:

As you know, an Owners Corporation has unlimited liability amongst its members. In the event of a personal injury being suffered by a person while on common property (such as the gym) the Owners Corporation would be sued. Whether or not the Owners Corporation is found liable will depend on many factors, nonetheless whether a gym induction process is rigorous enough.”

Freshwater Place in Southbank were the very first to go down this path and commissioned my team and I to deliver a first class all-encompassing video induction process for the gym, pool and entire level 10 facilities (including BBQ, media room, conference room and theatre room). This involved the ‘premium’ of my offerings with going over the rules and regulations for each of the areas (three videos – gym, pool and facilities), two videos that showed how to use all of the fitness equipment and how to use all weights and resistance exercises and then the final part to incorporate QR stickers for each and every machine and a short instructional video on how to use it safely and correctly (see QR sticker design below)

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To add to this Freshwater Place designed an app that housed all of the process and a questionnaire attached that would ensure that all have long and short-term residents viewed the videos and would then allow access to the facilities with activation of their fob.

(If you are interested to view these videos see below and click on them.)

Here is a reference provided from Freshwater Place- Justin Time testimonial FWP

Soon after, we were approached by Australand (now known as Fraser’s Property) and commissioned to do one for their Parkside development in Parkville and we are now just 5 days away from doing the entire “premium” product for The Guilfoyle in Southbank with a few others in discussion.

The sad reality is that like the fitness industry that is still stuck in the 90’s with much of it’s approach, through no fault of their own, Owner’s corporations are still stuck behind the times and either unaware or not willing to move ahead with the times and look to have technology help them in their quest for a safer, trouble-free way to deliver this often tiring process.

The recent approaches made for my product surprisingly have come through the desire to thwart the recent increase in short-terms stays (Airbnb and the like) and the almost complete blatant disregard for rules and any level of care for common property. The video induction process when combined with a questionnaire and signing off with the knowledge that if any rules are not adhered to then access can be revoked makes it harder on the owners of short-term stays and ensures for a more respectful environment and less damage to common property. So in effect, the video induction process can and will pay for itself very quickly!

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Meanwhile here are the links to some of the finished videos for Freshwater Place:


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