Why so many people fail in their efforts to lose weight and/or stay active

One of our clients that trained with us just once per week – before and after and in just six months!

In 2014-2015, a staggering 63.4 percent of Australian adults were overweight or obese — well over half of our nation’s population. That’s almost two in three adults. This is an increase from 1995, which was 56.3 percent, illustrating that the problem is getting worse *. Combine with this the statistic that 56% of all adults in 2014–15 were not sufficiently physically active * and that roughly 90% of the population don’t follow the healthy eating pyramid and we have a massive health problem.

But why do so many people fail in their efforts ? To be blunt and put it simply, because they want a quick fix, an instant solution and progress has to be rapid! There is no patience, no commitment and people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on cars, massive TV’s, eating out, going to concerts, you name it but anything is seen as more valuable than a financial commitment to one’s health and well-being. I see it all the time. People will ring or email me and interestingly enough it is the one’s that enquire about price first before anything else either go elsewhere for a cheaper price (which is fair enough to a point as everyone has a budget) or if they do start with us, they are usually the ones to drop off or fail in their attempts to make the changes that they “supposedly” want. I say supposedly because the commitment to an educated and step-by-step approach to weight loss or to regular activity takes time. It has purposeful built-in steps to help set them up for success and not failure. It helps them through the behaviour change process. Overall, they do not value the time it takes to make long-term and lasting change. They also do not financially value better health and well-being enough.

If a client comes to Just In Time Personal Training, they are subjected to a four step process that we almost guarantee will lead to the results that they are after. There is no time frame put on this but it is spelt out and it is accompanied by an explanation that behaviour change to truly be embedded will take you 6 months. That doesn’t mean you need a Personal Trainer holding your hand every step of the way for 6 months but I can almost guarantee that if you do commit to just one Personal Training session per week for 6 months that you will have been educated, empowered, structured and know all you will ever need to know about how to get the very best out of yourself and that you will never look back! What is a financial impact of this from one of my team…. Not cheap but what price do you put on being fit, healthy and energised for the rest of your life? Based on our minimum session pricing of $85 per session for 26 weeks you are looking at $2210. How many coffees, drinks, donuts, nights out could you cut back on to make this cost more viable? Again, I ask what price do you put on your health?

What are the four steps that we drum into our clients and we expect them to recite all four to us until they have it down pat?

  1. Calendar/logbook – We provide a Just In Time yearly calendar/logbook to track your exercise habits, mindfulness and daily postural exercises – This is to ensure accountability and behaviour change.
  2. Exercise – We work with each and every person to fine tune the right amount and type of exercise for them. We modify it as we grow together.
  3. Nutrition Diary – We ask our clients to complete a nutrition diary for 4-8 weeks (more or less if required) filling in what they eat and drink daily and have them rate themselves from 1-10. We are all about balance and strive for a 6-8 every week. We educate around nutrition following the Australian Dietary Guidelines recently revised healthy food pyramid as a base and then educate you week in and week out until you are educated, empowered and know all you need to know about nutrition on your own and forever!
  4. Our OMRON bio-impedance scales – These scales take weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle percentage and visceral fat.


Then we work hard to drill in these four steps. If you are doing 1, 2 and 3 well, number 4 looks after itself. If not, then we need to work harder on either or all of the first 3 steps. Sound too good to be true? Trust me, I have been a University Degree qualified trainer of over 22 years and with Just In Time Personal Training in my very own business for over 6 and a 1/2 years now, I have seen hundreds of our clients follow these steps successfully and the results have to be seen to be believed. I urge you to read the real-life examples below and click on their OMRON score sheets below each one.

The attachment one below is of the girl pictured at the start of this article. She only ever trained with me one session a week and although the picture above is from start to six months, she lost 20 kilograms in total! 

2018 OMRON Example one

The attachment two below is of a girl that started with me at the weight of 124.1 kgs exactly 3 years ago and it slightly increased up to a high of 126.5 kgs a month later but fast forward to just this week and she is down to 87 kgs – a whopping 39.5 kgs gone in 3 years and whilst we did two sessions a week for the best part of the first year, we have only done one session per week ever since!

2019 OMRON Example two

The attachment three below is of a lady that has been remarkable and the winner of our major Just In Time Personal Training Health and Lifestyle Balance awards, to read more about her story – click here! In a nutshell, to this day she still only does one session a week with me and has lost at very best 12.5% body fat! 

2019 OMRON Example three

The attachment four below is of a guy that was having up to three very subsidised Personal Training sessions a week through his workplace but getting nowhere with weight or lifestyle change. His partner at the time had seen me training a number of residents over the years and seeing great results and approached me to see if I would be able to take her partner on. Long-story short, one session a week and a 20 kgs weight loss, behaviour change and a healthier and happier man to this day! 

2018 OMRON Example four

The attachment five below is of a guy that started with me and had minimal concept of healthy eating and little knowledge on what he needed to do to arrest his slide in weight and what exercise would work. One session a week and we stripped off 19.2 kgs in one year and two weeks!

2019 OMRON Example five


So what is the secret to these five people’s success? Time, patience and listening to sensible and calculated advice from a Fitness Expert with proven success over many years. Backed by a University Degree, I have helped many people change their live’s forever. My team are like-wise University Degree qualified, are completely trained by me and follow the same four steps outlined above. There are many other trainers out there too that are suitably qualified and educated in a similar manner but what you need to do is assess where your health and life in general is heading. Stop playing the victim and making excuses for the position you are in and make the changes necessary. Take stock and set a date to save up and make it happen!

I know I outlined the best case scenario of one session a week for six months but if you cannot afford that then save up for 4 or 5 sessions ($340/$425) and use those sessions as a catalyst to then go away and use the knowledge that you get from as few as 4-5 sessions and make your new healthier and fitter you! You can do it, but you probably need to take a look in the mirror, be realistic and make it happen! Only you can do it and now you know how, get to it!

The example two outlined above has been an amazing journey for me as her trainer. To see someone come along and not be able to run more than 10 metres and now sprint a 400m amongst many other achievements is remarkable and I am so blessed to have the career that I have. I get to help people numerous times per day to be the happiest and best person that they can be. Happiness is the key. If you are not happy with your life, your health, your fitness or even your job or partner – do something about it. Life is too short and happiness is the ultimate success in my eyes.

I sincerely hope that this article helps as a catalyst for change and if you would like to just have a chat, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try and help you!

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Managing Director

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