Here is exactly what high level Personal Training is all about – hint – not one burpee!

If I had one dollar for every time that I said I was a Personal Trainer and I was met with “so you do bootcamps”, I would be a millionaire! I will add here and now that I hate participating in, but more so I hate conducting boot camps! But that is another story for a different day! What I am about to share with you is a great summary of what high level Personal Training is all about. You see for me, anyone with a little bit of exercise knowledge can grab a whiteboard and write up some generic exercises with a round number of repetitions to be performed or set you on your way for 60 seconds and off you go! That is a form of exercise, it is good for many but it is not for one second Personal Training.
So what is Personal Training you ask? Below is a detailed account of what the heart of the service that we provide. Sure, we are not cheap and results don’t appear in a few sessions but the longer-term results are lifelong and everlasting. I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did when I received it from a client that is happily finishing up!
“For the first time in my life movement has become a daily part of my life and horror – shock – horror something that I now enjoy doing and miss when I forget/ don’t have chance to follow through with it – and I have Brendan to thank for that. Since training with Brendan my weight is down in the 90 kgs for the first time in 25 years (which is HUGE considering at my biggest point 1 year ago I was 137 kg), and I now have the tools I need to keep training, keep moving and to keep getting stronger. In my experience of personal trainers they may have creativity, skills, passion, knowledge, interpersonal skills, communication skills but rarely do they have ALL of these attributes all at once and use them in service of their clients. Brendan has the complete package – you have a real gem here working for you Justin 🙂
Justin I’ve already clued Brendan in on this but will also just let you know too that for now, I won’t be continuing on with my personal training sessions with Brendan. Ironically, it was Brendan who helped me to see this as we reviewed my balance wheel at the last session. Reviewing my omron (body composition) results from last week also helped me to realise that though I’m rather flat and overwhelmed at the moment, that I am actually doing the work because Brendan has given me the tools and knowledge I need to take care of myself. And I’m feeling confident that I can do this, because Brendan has shown me how and for that – I’ll always be thankful to him. All of this is to say that though I’m pulling back from regular training right now I can certainly see a time when I’ll be in contact again – if you’ll both have me back that is lol
Before I go Justin, just wanted to give some feedback about Brendan …… my time with him has been life changing (and no I’m not being all flowery and slopping on the mayonnaise for no purpose here). You’d appreciate being as big as I was for most of my life I’ve had a mostly hateful relationship with my body; seeing my body as being weak and unreliable. When I’ve not been able to exercise due to my mastocytosis and spinal issues past gyms and personal trainers have laid on more of the hate and guilt “you don’t want it enough”, “you’re making excuses” and all that horrible stuff. Brendan was different – he’s been the first trainer who took the time to get to know me, learn about my medical conditions and encouraged me to listen to my body, not fight against it. Training with him, I’m learning to build a positive relationship with my body and seeing it as being strong and capable – so now I want to move and take care of myself as an act of self-care. This has literally changed my life and is changing the way I see myself – apart from my new knowledge of exercises, routines, movement, my new tips and tricks I think I’m most grateful to Brendan for the new and positive way I am learning to see myself.
And thanks to you too Justin for your continued support and encouragement to me along my journey. It’s really been helpful along the way knowing that you’ve looked in on my results from time to time, and encouraging receiving an odd text from you celebrating my achievements. I have most certainly and will continue to recommend Just In Time Personal Training to my family and friends,
With greatest respect to you both”.
*Name withheld
So if you are looking for a positive, uplifting, supportive and University Degree qualified trainer that comes to you and all you need is just one session a week, please make contact –

Brendan is the trainer in question and has been an awesome acquisition to our team since late 2018.

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