Personal Training Story – Tara Moss

Personal Training story – I mention this not for a blatant name drop but more for the back story behind how and why I had the privilege of being a Personal Trainer to Tara Moss for the period of 2 and a half years.

Tara came to me with a major case of scoliosis and so much so that she was told by many specialists that she would require surgery and rods inserted to support her spine and was hopeful that by seeing me and helping her improve her core, upper back strength and endurance, posture, etc that she could avoid surgery.

Through much perseverance and hard work, she went from repeated visits to see her chiropractor and/or have physiotherapist assistance to not needing to see either of them for over 6 months! Then to top it all off and I got to share in the experience, she completed 2 Great Victorian Bike rides which required much upper back and core strength and endurance as well as considerable fitness.

I have attached a pic of us during one of the rides and she went as so far to acknowledge my help and service in one of her books “Covet”. You can check out my testimonial from Tara Moss here.

Over my 25+ years as a Personal Trainer now, I have had the task of helping people achieve things that they either never dreamed possible or wished they could. You would be amazed if you change the perspective of “what you can’t do” to “what you can do”…. There is a term bandied about a bit now that exercise is medicine and I have been able to see that with smart and slow steady goals, some very massive things can be achieved. It takes courage, it takes will power and it takes much trust, belief and confidence to get there but if you are reading this email and you have felt pain for a long time now and want to find a better way forward, start by taking a step to discuss with me how I or my team can help you…. We have done it countless times. Go on, what are you waiting for?

Justin and former client Tara Moss on the Great Victorian Bike ride in 2004