A Just In Time Personal Training “real” client story

I am not normally one to boast about who I am or how good I am and in this post I am doing this not so much as to do just that but to show there is and should be so much more looked at when looking for a Personal Trainer. Clearly my job and career are a passion and it is why after close to 20 years of PT I still choose to get up at 5am on 4 mornings a week and 6am on a Saturday – otherwise I would have given that away long ago! So please read this and perhaps critique your own PT and whether they go the extra mile and give you true value for money or if looking for a new one try me or one of my staff (Sarah and Daniel) whom are equally passionate and in their own right – brilliant!

TESTIMONIAL – A current client.

There are lots of good reasons for working with a personal trainer and many benefits training with Justin. Something I particularly value is his 100% attention and commitment throughout every session. From the moment your session starts, Justin is totally focussed on you and helping you achieve your best. You can never get that level of individual attention or specialised training in a class or group session.

Justin will work you hard but he’ll also reign you in if you’re over-training. He corrects poor posture and bad exercise techniques so you won’t get injured, and its all achieved with a sense of humour and lots of fun. We often laugh so much during training that it’s not until afterwards you realise how hard you were working! There’s a great push-pull dynamic in every session where you’re stretched to train at your optimum level but always within safe limits. Justin custom designs a program of exercises to suit you personally so you’re always getting the most out of every workout.

Justin is a well qualified PT with many years experience in the fitness industry but he’s also knowledgeable in other health related fields like nutrition and wellbeing. He sees first hand the debilitating effects of stress and the pressures of modern living, which is why he’s so passionate about helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle balance. He’ll work with you to set your lifestyle goals, achieve those goals and go beyond them.

Justin is a complete professional, he’s consistently optimistic, he’s reliable, he loves what he does, and you’ll love training with him too.

Lindy Capelli

So I urge you to feel free to download my very own 12 point “How to choose a Personal Trainer” checklist (https://www.justintimept.com/wp-content/uploads/Choosing-a-Personal-Trainer-Checklist-Just-In-Time-Personal-Training.pdf ) and see if your current PT is giving you the value you expect and if not put it to them to shape up or look elsewhere!