The Just In Time Personal Training 2020 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards!


2020 will be the year that most will remember (but want to forget) as the year dominated or hijacked by Covid. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t much fun. But with setbacks and hurdles to overcome I am so very proud of our award winners below. So many amazing achievements from our clients and of course spurred on by my team of extremely talented trainers! As usual all of these winners have a back story and hurdles that they have overcome to get to where they are today. Some of these stories are private and not for sharing here. I am so thrilled with the direction that Just In Time continues to head in and that we reward those that have taken great steps towards a healthier lifestyle balance and ultimately what should be everyone’s major goal in life – happiness.

As many of you would know we are the only Personal Training company in Melbourne that exclusively employs University Degree qualified trainers and what that means to our clients is that they are all individually assessed in relation to where they sit on the behaviour change model (see pic below) and then taken along a journey in a holistic manner to achieve their goals. We focus heavily on our clients completing a lifestyle balance wheel (see pic below) and then taking them through a posture assessment that is accompanied with a why and how to improve it. We then build relationships and with the majority of our clients doing as little as just one session per week, our 4 pillar for success process gets results through empathy, education, support, accountability and all underpinned by sports science (not one burpee performed!).

We are 100% focused on not only helping you attain the results you are after but more importantly we strive to ensure that you take complete ownership of your health, fitness and well-being whilst creating a better lifestyle balance for you to ensure you get the most out of your day, week, year and your life overall. The lifestyle balance wheel  is one such tool we use from day one to set up these outstanding results.

All Just In Time Personal Training clients were eligible over the course of the year and nominated by each of our team of highly credentialed trainers. The categories were fiercely contested and as always, it was very hard deciding on our final but very worthy winners. Stay tuned at the bottom for our two latest Hall of Fame inductees!

A special thanks to our award sponsors:

Matt Hart – Matt Hart Bowen Therapy in Ocean Grove – 2 x $85 vouchers

Ric Gentiluomo – Riccardo Photography in Geelong – 1 x $100 Photography voucher

Helen Searle – The Barwon Scoop in Barwon Heads – 5 x $20 vouchers



Our award winners for 2020 are as follows:

The GOLD Just In Timer award this year went to Jacqueline Hunt. Where does one start when trying to put together this woman and her achievements? Let me start by going back to when I first received her call just as I was about to move my family from Melbourne to Barwon Heads. Jacqueline was someone that needed some focus and direction. She lived in Southbank (where I was spending most of my working hours) and had a holiday home in Barwon Heads – out of all of the places in Victoria! What started was a journey that has seen tears and triumph along the way. You see Jacqueline is a breast cancer survivor (10 years cancer-free this year gone) and if you look at these stats you will agree – simply amazing! Jacqueline started at 99kgs and at last measurement prior to Christmas weighed in at 77.4kgs – a total loss of 21.6kgs! This year though saw her drop 8kgs. Equally, if not more importantly, Jacqueline started at 50.5% body fat and came in at 39.3% body fat at years’ end and lost 4.6% throughout the year and started at 21.7% muscle but took that up a healthy 4.8% to 26.5%!!! Numbers and figures form just some of the story but to witness Jacqueline’s commitment from the start of Covid and see her miss just one session for the year whilst turning up to our outdoor sessions twice per week was truly amazing! We had the luxury of being able to train pretty much without restriction and to see so many locals walk past and often comment on how good she was looking or how well she was moving was further motivation to keep going. In one case, two ladies saw her walking the bluff walking track and made the comment “you’re the athlete”, which at 59 is a great compliment. Another of my clients refers to Jacqueline as an inspiration and whilst living down here away from her 4 children was mentally very hard for her, the results achieved this year have been life-changing and I am truly honoured to be able to be by her side every step of the way as she continues to discover the person she truly is. More importantly though than what was achieved in our sessions and is the goal of all of my team is to see our clients take ownership of the rest of the time away from us during each and every week. You see if you do one PT session a week, that is less than 1% of your week. In Jacqueline’s case of 2 sessions per week, what she did in the other 98% of the week was what ultimately delivered the results. A complete life transformation and absolute ownership of her exercise, nutrition, sleep, attitude and behaviour! Take a bow, Jacqueline – simply an amazing year and a worthy winner of the GOLD Just In Timer award and an $85 Matt Hart Bowen Therapy voucher!

The Runner Up for the GOLD Just In Timer award went to Joanne Duncan. Jo first started at Just In Time by attending one of our three FREE “More than just a walking groups“. The Barwon Heads one was started when I first moved here and to give back to my new community as I had done for over 4 years at Southbank. Jo came along semi-regularly and it was clear to see that she was carrying some emotional baggage. Her posture was not great and she would wear over-sized clothing but nonetheless she made some steady improvements and enjoyed the social interaction with the fast-growing group. It soon became known that Jo had lost her husband to suicide and her self-confidence was well down, couple with (and quite rightfully) sadness. Eventually, Jo joined a couple of my other clients picked up from the same walking group and whilst struggled in the first couple of months, she then committed to weekly one-on-one sessions with me and week on week from the start of 2020, Jo has regained her independence, built her confidence and started wearing figure hugging clothing. Her fitness is now amazing, her strength equally amazing and the results that ensued…. simply wow! I almost wish I had some before and after photos to show the difference. I might add that around half-way through the year she asked for a second weekly session and had Bevan take her for a weekly strength, posture and core session whilst my session was mainly centred around eating/nutrition, education, behaviour change and fitness. Over the course of this year Jo went from 73.1kgs down to 63.4kgs and lost 7.8% body fat whilst adding 3.5% muscle. We shared many laughs throughout the year and I was on the end of a number of expletives with how hard I was able to push her and her get through but it was all so very worth it and Jo you should be so bloody proud of yourself! Jo also wins an $85 Matt Hart Bowen Therapy voucher!

The Mr Just In Time award went to Paul Walcutt. Paul is trained by Jake who had this to say – Paul has consistently put in the hard work, session after session. His ability to go from rarely exercising or focusing on his nutrition, to now leaving nothing left after in the tank after our workouts, setting new running records and knowing how to balance his food choices. In 2020 Paul has lost a total of 12.7kg, 7.3% of body fat, an increase of 3.9% of muscle mass, a body age decrease of 13 years and his visceral fat has dropped by 5 levels. All of this while starting up and running his amazing Taco food truck @DingoAteMyTaco!

The Mrs Just In Time award went to Claire McColl. This is just a mind-blowing story of how sometimes you just need to take a chance and ask someone for help or you may just never know what you are capable of. Claire had originally trialled another local Personal Trainer and in her very first session was pushed so hard that she sat in the car wondering what just happened and never went back. She then wanted to join our FREE “More than just a walking group” in Barwon Heads but due to Covid and number restrictions couldn’t get in at first go so reluctantly enlisted me as her PT and was amazed at my supportive, empathetic and achievable first few sessions that she soon started doing things that she never thought possible. Having had Lyme Disease and feeling like she would be forever afflicted, Claire was a superstar from week one… She literally did everything that I set for her. She started with some very easy and achievable programming and then almost two steps ahead of me every week would come back the following week asking for more equipment to purchase and add to more complex exercises and before you knew it she was doing everything! Bought a BOSU, TRX, Dura Disc, Dumbbells and before too long had so many programs that she all but did away with the need to see me any more! Claire now does more exercise than almost anyone and again goes to show, sometimes you just need a helping hand to get started! Well done Claire and you also win a $20 Barwon Scoop voucher!

The Mr Just In Time Runner Up was Ben Howden whom is trained by Peter whom had this to say – Ben has been an absolutely super client since starting with me at Just In Time. Through probably the busiest year of his life, Ben has been able to maintain a certain level of training during our hard lockdown period. Post lockdown Ben has smashed his training. Week in, week out he’s up at 5:30-6am putting the work in and it’s showing in his results and training. Along with this award, he has received another award for best body composition improvements. During a difficult year and pre lockdown, he has been able to decrease his body fat by 4.6% and increase muscle by 2.5%. Post lockdown Ben is striving to better those results! Not only is he balancing his work and training, but also being able to have a beer or two on the weekend to relax and enjoy himself! An exceptionally hard worker and a deserved runner-up for Mr Just In Time, he will continue to improve in 2021 and beyond!

The Mrs Just In Time Runner Up this year was another that was first introduced to Personal Training via the “More than just a walking group“. Di Scanlon (pictured below) was the winner of this and I hope she won’t mind me saying that when she started, she came to me as what is sometimes termed “skinny fat”. You see, Di started with a weight of 56.1kgs (which is very light for any woman in terms of scale weight) but after seeing me once per week and tailoring a program for her instead of the 6-7 days a week with no dietary direction previously, she lost 6kgs BUT more importantly was her body composition change through the structured exercise regime and a more nutritionally sound approach to her eating. Are you ready for it? Di started at 37.1% and lost 9% body fat (taking her down to 28.1%) and meanwhile started with 23.7% muscle and increased that by 5.2% to 28.9% muscle! Amazing and all from just one Personal Training session per week! Sometimes less is more and Di‘s best weekly results came when she trained a total of 4-5 times per week instead of previously 6-7 times per week. Di wins a $20 Barwon Scoop voucher!

The Best Body Composition Improvements for Males this year went to Peter’s client mentioned previously in Ben Howden! Ben lost 9.9kgs, reduced body fat by 4.6% and gained 2.5% muscle. A great year!

The winner of the Best Body Composition Improvements for Females in 2020 went to Allison Rowe (pictured below). Allison was simply amazing joining half-way through 2020 and in such a short space of time made a dramatic change to her health, fitness, body composition but most importantly her life! Allison started at 74.2kgs, lost 10.6kgs and ended the year at 63.6kgs! Allison started at 40.7% body fat and got to a low of 27.7% and therefore lost a whopping lost 12.6% body fat and meanwhile started with 25.7% muscle and increased that by 6.4% to 32.1% muscle! Similar to Di, all from just one Personal Training session per week and I found it was more about reigning her in than pushing her harder to get these results! Allison is a focused individual with children and a busy career and how she manages to fit it all in amazes me but I look forward to more improvements in 2021! Allison also wins a $100 photography voucher at Riccardo Photography.

The Runners Up for both Male and Female Best Body Composition Improvements were David Tedhams and Carolyn Beckett respectively. David started his Personal Training sessions right after the lockdown with Alessandro and Victor and both couldn’t be more happy to have a client that knows what he wants and works hard for it! Since starting, David improved his nutrition and made exercise a habit, going for long daily walks (10-15km) or bike rides. David was also a heavy smoker. Since starting with us, he has cut back significantly. We are aiming to reduce this to zero. Initially we set a maximum of 4 cigarettes per day and have recently reduced it to a maximum of 3 cigarettes per day. He has made huge progress in a short amount of time and can now complete exercises he never would have been able to do when he had first started. This is especially evident with his cardio, where previously a short run would completely wind him. Now he can run several times the distance and recover in a fraction of the time.

Carolyn was trained by Peter and has improved significantly since starting. Her results are an indication of the hard work she puts in session after session. Dropping 8.5kgs during this year has been a super effort, along with decreasing body fat by 8.3% and increasing muscle by 3.9%. Considering a large gap in the year without a lot of training, Carolyn is determined to get better and better in 2021 and beyond!

The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change award was for 2020 won by Nicole Wood. Nicole is one of Jake’s clients whom had this to say – An example of the perfect student is no doubt Nicole. She has progressed from never working out, to not only never missing a session but also doing even more than I have expected of her! Prioritising her health has been a major focus in 2020 for Nicole. Her conscious change to her eating habits and her approach to exercise are the reasons she has lost 10.5kgs, 7.3% body fat, increased her muscle percentage by 3.3% and has also dropped 9 years off her body age. Maybe the student is soon to become the master! Well done Nicole!

The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change Runners Up went to a client of mine Maree Dyer. Maree came to me wanting change but needed some education and behaviour change behind it. So much so that we spent close to 50 minutes of our first 5 sessions talking, discussing and setting some weekly goals to set the platform for a new way of life with respect to eating and exercise. I have always said that Personal Training must provide value. If that means a session is spent talking for the majority of the hour but it results in changed behaviours for the remaining 167 hours of the week then is it of value? In this case Maree lost 4.6kgs in the first 5 weeks! She lost 7.5kgs in total and also lost 5.6% body fat! Not bad from starting in August!!! Well done Maree and I am sure we will make many more steps forward in 2021! Maree wins a $20 Barwon Scoop voucher!

The Best Core and Overall Strength Development award went to a client of Jake’s named Tiahni Di Cecco. Basically any challenging strength or core exercise thrown at Tiahni is made to look easy. She has had an outstanding increase in her core strength. This has been shown time and time again. Tiahni makes an advanced exercise look easy! She is only getting fitter and stronger!

The Best Core and Overall Strength Development Runner Up was one of Victor’s clients named Gideon Shaw. Gideon has been training with Victor for over a year and has consistently made progress. The focus with Gideon has consistently been on his core. As a surgeon, his job forces him to lean over patients for long periods at a time. This has severely affected his posture and it has been an uphill battle trying to correct. Despite this, Gideon has been able to achieve fantastic core strength and has significantly improved his posture through various stretches and muscle relaxing techniques. By focusing on opening up the shoulders and strengthening the back, Gideon‘s forward-facing posture has seen fantastic improvement.

The Young Achiever Healthy Lifestyle Change award this year went to Henry Scharer. Henry is one of Alessandro’s clients and has been absolutely amazing over this year! He has given proof of resilience working out hard in such a tough year for a 17 year old student. Since we started he has put on 7kgs of lean muscle, his physical change has been astonishing! Every session is a new challenge, we talk a lot about training methods, nutrition and sport related topics and he keeps applying them to his lifestyle to improve everyday!

The Young Achiever Healthy Lifestyle Change Runner Up award this year was too tough to decide by two very worthy winners in Tom McKillop and Erin Quinn. Tom came to me mid-year and whilst completing year 11, his parents felt that my positive influence could help this young kid really develop and in so many ways he has! As mentioned above with Claire’s story, some people just need to experience something that may never have been on their radar or come their way and Tom has been a revelation. His posture most notably, confidence, strength, co-ordination, fitness and attitude to health, fitness and life in general have all improved markedly and it is with excitement every week that I now just expect another record to tumble or to see further improvements! Tom and Erin win a $20 Barwon Scoop voucher each!

Erin similarly came to Just In Time early in the year and started with both Bevan and myself. In that time we have seen a young girl grow in stature and confidence and along the way has seen a complete understanding of healthy eating, exercise patterns and an overall very healthy way of approaching life. Erin has been a delight to train, always way too polite and thankful for the pain and torture that we would dish up yet she would always ask for more! A shame for Bevan and I that she will embark on a move to Melbourne for Uni and be finishing up her training but from what she has learnt this year I am certain will stay with her for the rest of her life in leave her in good stead! Great weekly PB’s every week like Tom and great to train!

With a further increase in demand for our Workplace Health programs this year and an expansion to Just In Time Workplace Health, the winner of the 2020 Workplace Health and Lifestyle Balance Best Healthy Lifestyle Change award went to Keegan Marshall from our most successful Workplace Health program EVER at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses. Jake takes this program for 5 hours each week at the bakery in Keilor Park and had this to say about Keegan – Motivated, determined, and consistent. Three words that instantly spring to mind when talking about Keegan’s journey. In 2020 Keegan has lost 26.3kgs, dropped 13.2% of body fat, increased his muscle mass by 7.8%, decreased his body age by 22 years and decreased his visceral fat by 7 levels! The improvements in Keegan’s food choices have been amazing, his consistency throughout the COVID period was something that he should be super proud of. This man can achieve whatever he puts his mind to!

The 2020 Workplace Health and Lifestyle Balance Best Healthy Lifestyle Change Runner Up award went to Tavis Camilleri again from Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses. Tavis has balanced welcoming his son, caring for his wife who is now pregnant again (battling with not giving into her food cravings too), changing departments at work and rehabbing an injury. Seems difficult does it not? Taking all of these factors into account, in 2020, Tav has lost 18.1kgs, decreased his body fat by 5.1%, increased his muscle mass by 3%, decreased his body age by 11 years and decreased his visceral fat by 4 levels! It is clear that when Tav puts 100% of his effort into something, he succeeds!

All the more impressive for the results achieved by Keegan and Tavis is that the program involves a 30 minute health and education consultation each week with Jake for it’s employees – no actual exercise – just education, guidance and behaviour change! Well done Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses for the A+ care provided to your employees and well done Keegan and Tavis!

Yearly we have Continued Excellence awards and these are for our many loyal and committed clients that continue to simply be just brilliant with yearly consistently great performance. When it is so easily to give up or take your foot off the gas when it comes to your health, fitness and wellness, this years recipient simply does not! Well done to: Damjan Vukcevic.

Damjan Vukcevic is trained by Alessandro – This award cannot fit better the incredible year of Damjan! He has always been one of the most consistent clients I have trained but this year he decided to step things up. Since we started the lockdown he decided to train every single day, busy day or not he was able to find some time to do a workout. We kept our sessions via ZOOM over the lockdown and if you check his accountability calendar you will not find any blank spots. During our last session he said: “This is my new life :)”

Our Hall of Fame category in only its third year has two new additions for 2020 – Kathryn Benson and Michel Darby. These new additions are reflective of not just continued excellence but simply dominating life when it comes to putting health, fitness and well-being on the highest pedestal that it deserves! Simply put, our society as a whole is not active enough, does not eat healthy enough, is mentally weaker than in previous eras and all in all across the board, not enough devotion and application is put in to our mental and physical well-being.

Both trained by Jake – Kath has never had an issue with motivation. Her consistency with her training away from our sessions are a major factor as to why her fitness levels are where they are at today. Adding another session per week has also taken her conditioning to another level. There is never a time where she hasn’t put absolutely everything into what she does. Very rarely a complaint of how hard the session is, she simply grinds through and gets the job done. Exciting times ahead once running events are allowed again!

In 2019 Michael won the GOLD Just In Timer award. This year, he has not taken his foot off the accelerator. Any challenge, and I mean any, this man will kill it! Even doing extras at the end of our session sometimes! Michael is only getting fitter and stronger, a great example of how a motivated and consistent individual can succeed and reach their goals!

Both Kathryn and Michael are worthy recipients of making the Just In Time Hall of Fame!


So that wraps up our 2020 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards! I encourage all current and new clients in 2021 to set your sights on one of these awards and have a real crack in 2021 and making it the best year for your health, fitness and well-being under the guidance of the Just In Time Personal Training team. Anyone that would like to start Personal Training in the New Year and either currently out of condition or looking to take your health, posture, fitness and well being to another level, I encourage you to start with us and you will be amazed at the results that you can achieve from just one session a week!

Justin Moran and the rest of my amazing team!

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