Why we are the only Personal Training company in Victoria that employs only University Degree qualified trainers?


Just about anyone can be a Personal Trainer these days! There are over 30,00 registered Personal Trainers within Australia and whilst the majority complete the fitness industry minimum standard of Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, there are many more backyard ex-military, ex-footballers, ex-sportspeople, people who have lost weight and got fit and want to share their stories and then there is the dreaded “health coach”.  The health coach is generally the “trainer” (and I apply that term loosely) that has aligned themselves with a pyramid scheme company such as Herbalife, Isagenix, Healthpointe 2.0, etc. Many have no qualifications in fitness or personal training but self-profess that they have had success and now want to share that success with you, but only if you are prepared to shell out your hard-earned dollars to purchase unnecessary and short-term, unsustainable supplements that you don’t need! But I digress…

Having been a Personal Trainer for over 20 years now, I have seen it all. Gyms and Personal Training studios open, close, re-brand and re-open. I have seen one well-respected and highly sought-after Personal Trainer at the top of their game but recently re-emerge and cling on to the aligning with one of the aforementioned companies. I have seen the emergence of fad diets that always come and go, I have seen Step Reebok come and go, Body Pump come into full force and more recently I have seen the poor man’s version of exercise regime of Crossfit and bootcamps that basically bastardise how to perform exercises and are almost single-handily keeping physios and chiro’s booked up for years to some!

To top all of that off, I have sadly seen the standard of Personal Training decline at a rate of knots. Believe it or not, that hurts me to see and it makes it embarrassing to be known as a Personal Trainer for that very reason. You see, I 100% love my job, my career and my hobby, I am addicted to helping people be the best they can be, I too have always strived to be the best I can be and as such I have prided myself on delivering the very best Personal Training service in Victoria and I say this with full confidence that I genuinely do provide that as do my fellow University degree trained and hand-picked staff.

So why is there such a low and poor level of Personal Training service that is rampant in the industry? One such reason is the ability to acquire the basic entry level standard of a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness is clearly too easy! Effectively these courses are run daily all over the country and many applicants are discovering their “passion” or “desire” to be a Personal Trainer later in life. Either they haven’t scored high enough in their VCE and throughout their schooling to attain entry to a Tertiary institution and then pay their way to complete a course that almost anyone will pass if they attend the scheduled classes or complete an on-line course (something I don’t quite understand how you can do online to be “personal” with a client?) and/or they have ceased their original career to move over to a later-in-life discovered “passion” and decided that Personal Training is for them.

On the other hand and from my experience in employing and training staff over my entire 18 years, those that successfully complete their VCE achieve an ATAR score that gains entry into a Bachelor Degree in Human Movement, Exercise or Sports Science, Physical Education, or similar and come out the other end ready for a career in Personal Training, Workplace Health, Strength and Conditioning, etc are much better equipped for a long and distinguished career in Personal Training. You need to remember that these ‘rare’ breeds have lived and breathed health, fitness, sport, exercise and wellbeing from an early age and have not wavered from their path. Their passion is ingrained and hence the standard far exceeds the opposite end of the spectrum where the lifespan of a certificate 3 and 4 trainer is now less than 12 months in most cases.

I would like to add here that I am all for as many Personal Trainers helping as many people improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life and that there is a distinct need for Certificate 3 and 4 trainers and some of them are fantastic, first-class and equal or better than many University degree-trained trainers. It is just a shame that the majority of bad ones give ALL Personal Trainers a really bad name.

I am in a very fortunate position in that people are now really starting to see the difference in the quality that myself and the team at Just In Time Personal Training provide in comparison to our competitors. My established team have all completed their respective Bachelor degrees and are simply outstanding and the best Personal Trainers I have ever had under my guidance and leadership. Their passion for helping people to be the best they can be is unrivalled and it is no wonder that we have continued to grow rapidly!

I know that many in the industry applaud my approach to steer away from following fitness trends and to call out poor practice. On the other-hand many of the “followers” and “sheep” that lack integrity, authenticity and the guts to do the hard yards and stick to what you believe in and have a sole focus on the client will not like this post. I’m luckily thick-skinned and know where I am heading and I am hell-bent on improving the standards of Personal Training in Australia and slowly but surely I will make an impact (click here for blog post on this topic).

I am blessed to have a fantastic career that I sincerely love going to work everyday, I am surrounded with a great family and a tremendous team. Add to that our clients that we attract whom are results-driven, focussed, supportive and genuine people and I am here to ensure that more people realise their true potential and enlist the services of a quality Personal Trainer that is in it for the right reasons – you!

Here is a link to my 12 point “how to choose a Personal Trainer” checklist that I hope may help you either choose a quality Personal Trainer or use it to see if your current trainer is worth their cost.


Kind regards,

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