The 2015 Just In Time Personal Training Health and Lifestyle Balance Awards


One of the biggest things that sets us apart from our competitors is our approach to giving everything we can to our clients. It goes without saying that we are one of very few Personal Training companies that strictly employs only University degree trained and qualified trainers. Added to that we are 100% focussed on not only helping you attain the results you are after but more importantly we strive to ensure that you take complete ownership of your health, fitness and wellbeing whilst creating a better lifestyle balance for you to ensure you get the most out of your day, week, year and your life overall.

This year was the inaugural “Health and Lifestyle Balance” awards. All Just In Time Personal Training clients were eligible over the course of the year and nominated by Sarah, Daniel and myself. The categories were fiercely contested and it was very hard deciding on our final but very worthy winners.

I would like to give a special mention to the following businesses for their kind donations:

☺ Michael Starke from Dineamic ( They make some fantastic, healthy and nutritious foods and I heavily suggest if you haven’t already; look them up.

☺ The team at EMP Industrials Australasia. Bonnie, Louise and co. are fantastic and we have purchased numerous equipment items from them over the years, are based in Malvern and I suggest you check them out:

Sam Bugeja from Lifecare Malvern is one of 2 physiotherapists that we refer our clients to and has been looking after clients of mine for over 10 years, for his details go to:

The awards are as follows:

The Best Body Composition Improvements award went to – Karl Fender. Karl has turned his health around with an outstanding weight loss of over 10 kgs, regular and conscious healthy eating, regular exercise and PT sessions alike. He wins a $50 Dineamic voucher and a physio consultation from Sam Bugeja. We also elected to give a runner-up award to Elizabeth Morris for which she receives a Jade yoga mat from EMP and a complimentary PT session with Sarah. Elizabeth has had an outstanding first year with Just In Time Personal Training and has listened and learned so much from her trainer Daniel. Well done Karl and Elizabeth!


The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change award went to – David Mitchell. David came to me and exercise clearly was not a focus. To his credit he has lost a vast amount of weight, has drastically reduced his percentage body fat and increased muscle whilst most importantly become more active and largely on his own! He is now what some may say addicted to exercise and feeling great. I am supremely proud of how far he has come along and know full well that it will continue into 2016! David wins a $50 Dineamic voucher and a complimentary PT session with Daniel. In this category we chose to award a runner-up award to Xen whom has come a very long way to achieving a much improved lifestyle balance and under Daniel’s tutelage has really made some fantastic life changes and is feeling much better for it! Xen wins a complimentary PT session with Sarah.


The Mr and Mrs Just In Time awards for overall improvements and consistency with Lifestyle went to two very worthy recipients – James Redfern and Baishakhi Connor. James has been a client of mine for over 16 years and has achieved much in the way of fitness accomplishments having completed the Melbourne Marathon in 2004 with me and then a couple of years later a Half-Ironman. But in recent times has really committed to regular Personal Training and trains with myself, Sarah and Daniel. He has worked extremely hard on dietary and behavioural changes and made significant improvements in this area. James wins a $135 Dineamic Dozen voucher. Well done James!


Baishakhi came to me with the desire to improve health and fitness and has been outstanding, I refer to her as my exercise nerd as she thrives on all of the sports science stuff behind how and why we do things, how and why the body moves the way it does, etc… She keeps me at the top of my game explaining the Krebs cycle, the 3 energy systems and how they inter-relate, etc… She has improved her fitness, posture, exercise regularity and is just a pleasure to train and see her improve literally every week. She wins a $50 Dineamic voucher and a complimentary session with Nikki.


The Best Core and Overall Strength Development award goes to the one and only Dianne Curnow. She has avidly trained with me and her husband Michael for over 6 years now and in that time continues to challenge me to find exercises that will physically challenge her and/or leave her with DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness). She is amazingly strong and does anything that you give her. Dianne wins a Jade yoga mat from EMP and a complimentary PT session with Nikki. Well done Dianne!


The Young Achiever award goes to Courtney Brown. Quite simply I started with her whilst at she was at school completing year 11 and now a few years on has dramatically changed her health, wellbeing, nutritional knowledge and body structure to be a very fit, lean, happy and confident young lady and it has been a fantastic journey to see just how far she has come in all areas. Courtney wins a complimentary physio session with Sam Bugeja if and when she next has an injury but touch wood she is in fantastic condition and may never need him! Well done Courtney!


Last of all and the most coveted and prestigious award is the GOLD Just In Timer. This award can only go to one person and this person has not put a foot wrong over this couple of years training with me originally and over the last year with Daniel as well. Brad Rowland has just gone from strength to strength in all facets of health, fitness, posture, happiness, lifestyle balance and long-term behaviour change. Everything that Just In Time Personal Training stands for this guy has ticked all of the boxes! Well done Brad and your prize is a $135 Dineamic Dozen voucher and a complimentary session with Nikki.


So that wraps up our 2015 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards! Now that the awards are there on the table, I encourage all current clients to set your sights on one of those awards and have a real crack in 2016 and making it the best year for your health, fitness and wellbeing under the guidance of myself, Sarah, Daniel and Nikki. Anyone that would like to start Personal Training in the New Year and currently out of condition, I encourage you to start with us and you will be amazed at the results that you can achieve from just one session a week!


Justin Moran

James - Copy