The Just In Time Personal Training 2018 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards

Here we are again for our annual Just In Time “Health and Lifestyle Balance” awards! As we grow and our level of service continues to improve along with us continually raising our standards, these awards are getting harder and harder to pick the winners. The results achieved over the last 12 months have been phenomenal to say the least and I encourage you to read each and every winner for some truly amazing and motivating stories as to how they have achieved their respective awards listed below!

I know that I say it every year but I truly couldn’t be happier with my amazingly talented team. As you would all know we are the only Personal Training company in Victoria that employs University Degree qualified trainers that come to you and my team are outstanding! I would also like to thank our very loyal and fantastic clientele. We typically don’t attract people wanting a 6 or 12 week body transformation. We attract those wanting to make lifelong and sustainable health and fitness changes and hence why we have an amazing retention rate with clients still with me for 21 years, 18 years, 16 years, 10 years, etc… Amazing! Well done to all of you for your commitment to bettering yourself and realising the importance of good health, fitness and wellness.

We are 100% focused on not only helping you attain the results you are after but more importantly we strive to ensure that you take complete ownership of your health, fitness and well-being whilst creating a better lifestyle balance for you to ensure you get the most out of your day, week, year and your life overall. The lifestyle balance wheel  is one such tool we use from day one to set up these outstanding results.

All Just In Time Personal Training clients were eligible over the course of the year and nominated by each of our team of highly credentialed trainers. The categories were fiercely contested and as always, it was very hard deciding on our final but very worthy winners. Stay tuned at the bottom for the first of our two new Hall of Fame inductees!

Our trophy winners for 2018 are as follows:

  • The most coveted and prestigious GOLD Just In Timer award went to Brigid Isaac (pictured at top with her three kids – Leo, 5 and twins Bodhi and Owen both twins and just turned 3)Brigid started late in 2017 and what a story! Her partner Claude works two weeks interstate or overseas and then is home for two weeks in Ocean Grove. With three young children and an almost full-time job, finding any time for exercise was almost impossible. So the plan was one Personal Training session a week and to learn how to fit in exercise around Claude’s work and to try and find a better balance. We did that and more! In 12 months, Brigid has lost 9.9 kgs, lost a remarkable 12.5% body fat, reduced visceral fat by 3 and gained 6.1% muscle!!!! The best part is that she used her one-hour sessions as an educational tool. We spent much of the first 6 months with the first 30 minutes of each session educating on nutrition, health, exercises, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, goal setting and establishing lifestyle balance. She literally took all of my knowledge, experience and bad jokes and put it all into action in the remaining 99% of her week away from me. The best part is that her three children now have a fantastic role model as a mum whom balances everything. A fitter woman you will not find. Brigid, well done, you are an inspiration not only to any working mum that says they don’t have the time, but secretly you are an inspiration to me too. Take a bow. The Runner Up for the GOLD Just In Timer award went to Maddy HollandMaddy started training with me back in March 2016. She would be the first to admit that she was overweight and out of condition but through immense determination and for a 9 month period there driving up from Flinders to see me, she has made such a massive change to her health, well-being and likely adding years to her life! Maddy started with me doing two sessions a week for the first year or so and in that time lost 12 kgs. Amazing in itself. Since then we have been doing one session a week, she has developed much better nutrition and exercise habits and routines and this year lost 15.1 kgs. Overall, Maddy has reduced her weight by 36.2 kgs!!! I honestly couldn’t be prouder and having set her goals already for 2019, I have no doubt we will see a further 10 kgs weight reduction in 12 months time!
  • The Mr Just In Time award for overall improvements and consistency with lifestyle went to Ian Dollery. Ian’s results on the omron (our body composition scale that we use weekly with our clients) speak for themselves, he is flying! Ian came to us with the intention of wanting to lose weight and also be pain free as he had a few injuries which restricted him from exercise. Ian had Daniel as his trainer and together they put in place processes to follow. Each week Ian simply stuck to them and as a result has lost tonnes of weight, exercise is a part of his daily routine whether it be walks, at his desk or at work. His diet has improved and above all he is pain and injury-free. In numbers, Ian has lost 10.8 kgs, 4.3% body fat, dropped 4 in visceral fat and gained 2.3% muscle. All of this in under five months! The Mrs Just In Time award went to Jacqueline Hunt.  Strap yourself in for this story as it is truly remarkable and worthy of a blog post on it’s own. You see, Jacqueline is a fighter, she is brave, she is lucky and she is an amazing woman that I am blessed to call my friend. Jacqueline was diagnosed on the 8th of October in 2009 with breast cancer. She had a marriage break-up in March that year, just 6 months earlier that resulted in a loss of 24 kgs through the stress of it all and having 4 kids on her own. Having lost so much weight, it was easier for her to find a lump in her breast that resulted in a lumpectomy just two months later. She then underwent six months of chemotherapy, one month of 25 radiation treatments, more breast surgery and then one year later, Jacqueline was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. She had her thyroid zapped two years ago. Over time she then put on a lot of weight. Overall Jacqueline has endured 11 surgeries on her breasts and with more to come. Fortunately for her and for me, Jacqueline started training with us. We started in late 2017 and with surgery in recent months resulting in a three month lay-off, we have only recently resumed. In her exactly 12 months with us though, Jacqueline lost 15.5 kgs, 8.3% body fat and put on 3.8% muscle. She has become the fittest and strongest she has been in her life and is testament to never giving up, not letting your bad health dictate your life’s direction and she thanks her lucky stars for still being here to tell her story and keep living! She is also a fanatical Carlton supporter but we won’t hold that against her! Well done Jacqueline, you are a breast cancer survivor and a true inspiration for everyone! The Mr and Mrs Just In Time Runners Up incidentally were a couple Corey and Amanda Howard. Both Corey and Amanda joined earlier this year as a family and as is a growing trend they wanted to set a better example to their three beautiful children – Nate, Maylee and Rhiannon. Their weekly session involves the five of them as well as their friend Aaron Mills and is a very fun-filled session that has been the catalyst for setting up healthier family connections and helping improved eating and exercise patterns for them all. Corey and Amanda are fantastic parents and their results this year have been fantastic! Corey lost 6.3 kgs, 4% body fat and gained 2.3% muscle whilst Amanda has lost 7.2 kgs, 4.8% body fat and gained 2.3% muscle. All of this has been great to see the improved family dynamics and as parents they should be commended! 
  • The Best Body Composition Improvements category was fiercely contested and even the guys mentioned in awards thus far have seen such amazing physical change! The winner of the Best Body Composition Improvements for males was Maddy’s younger brother Ainslie HollandAinslie started back in January 2017 and finished up with us in October this year. In that time, Ainslie was amazing to say the least. He took some time settling into a new exercise regime designed for him away from his one PT session a week and using the My Fitness Pal app, slowly but surely started to change his ways and lose a total of 31.8 kgs, lose a whopping 19.1% body fat, reduce his visceral fat from 14 down to 5 and gain 11.1 kgs in muscle. These results are truly remarkable and Ainslie you are a very deserving winner of this award. The winner of our female section was Katya Ruyzla. Katya is one of our Geelong clients and she started training with her husband back in August this year. She started with Austin as her trainer and now has Patrick with Austin’s departure. Katya has been fantastic with her commitment to training and in such a short time has lost 5.9 kgs, lost a more impressive 8.6% body fat and increased her muscle by 4.5%. The Runners Up for both male and female were Nishant Mehrotra and a tie between Joan Ko and Lydia BaoNishant has been with Just in Time for over a year now with the goal of losing body weight. He is a “glass half-full” kind of guy and his attitude towards exercise and wanting to improve himself has been tremendous, which is paying off for him. In 2018, Nishant has lost 13.3 kgs and has lost 9.6% body fat and gained 5.4% muscle! It has been a great reward for effort and a credit to his hard work and determination. Well done on the continued excellence throughout the year and here hoping for bigger and better things to come. Joan has been a part of the Just in Time system for only three months, but has been absolutely fantastic during her short stint so far! When Joan started, her main goal was to lose body fat percentage and to make exercise habitual. Since she has started, Joan has always asked questions, has completed everything that we have asked of her (including consistently writing in her calendar and food diary) and has worked extremely hard throughout our sessions. So far in just three months, Joan has lost 3.8kgs, dropped 5.3% body fat and gained 2.8% muscle!! It has been a tremendous effort and a credit to her work ethic and the attitude of continually trying to improve. Well done Joan on your start with Just in Time, you are showing how working hard and a positive attitude to both exercise and nutrition can show great benefits to your life. Lydia has been training with me now for over 12 months and has been gradually embracing a healthier lifestyle but always pushes hard in every weekly session. She has lost 3.7 kgs, 6.2% body fat and gained 3.6% muscle. Well done Lydia and more to come in 2019!
  • The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change award went to Sheila Lamont-Stacey and is very deserved of this award. From the outset she has absorbed every bit of information that Daniel has provided to her and instantly made exercise a part of her life establishing a routine of regular sessions with Daniel and going for daily walks on her own. Her dedication is something to admire and she is going from strength to strength with each session and her new found confidence in what her body will allow her to do. There was a tie for Runner Up in this category and taken out by both Michael Darby and Aaron MillsMichael has been training since May with Jake and he has not missed a beat. His overall strength has improved immensely, whilst also making a huge improvement with his core and full body strength. His overall fitness has improved due to his persistence and motivation to continue to follow his program while also setting days to complete bike rides, running sessions and also swimming sessions each week. His commitment is second to none. Aaron was mentioned above as he trains with Amanda and Corey Howard but like them he has been fantastic this year and set up improved eating and exercise behaviours that resulted in a loss of 7.1 kgs, 5.4% body fat and a gain of 2.8% muscle. Some major lifestyle changes and a great result!
  • The Best Core and Overall Strength award went to Deana Montalto who takes every challenge with excitement knowing that she can do the exercises asked of her. Jake was her trainer and he continues to throw different exercises at her due to the fact that she has the strength to complete them, the ability to learn quick and adapt to any exercise whilst also completing them with great technique. It’s a credit to Deana for how well she focuses on what she has to do during each and every exercise. There was a tie for Runner Up with Kay Morden and Arul Baradi. Kay started with me at the very start of the year and even though she has had many trainers in the past, I knew that I could take her to heights she never knew were possible. Whilst aged in her sixties, Kay is a very good example of someone whom is fitter and stronger now than she has been in years. I give her the most challenging and complex exercises to do and many with the TRX and she does them with relative ease after learning them and establishing the patterns required. Her core strength is supreme! Arul came to Just In Time wanting to get stronger and coming off a very raw knowledge and base of exercise to now being so much stronger and more confident doing movements that he didn’t think he could do. Working together weekly with Daniel and consistency was also the key. Focusing on executing the technique initially and once that was established, Daniel started to increase resistance and difficulty level and he is now getting stronger by the session!
  • The Young Achiever Healthy Lifestyle Change award went to Ashleigh Murray whom at the age of 13 started with Daniel early this year. Ashleigh had a reoccurring knee problem and suffering from Osgood Schlatters disease and had a goal to get stronger, reduce pain and improve performance. She is extremely dedicated and passionate towards improving and as a result she improved leaps and bounds through her sessions with Daniel. She listened to everything and her commitment to doing exercise away from her session has been awesome along with considerable dietary improvement. Ashleigh is now one of the strongest in her team and has goals to keep improving. Daniel leads the way with many junior strength and conditioning clients and definitely brought out the best in this young star!
  • With a further increase in demand for our Workplace Health programs this year and an expansion to start up Just In Time Workplace Health, we had a few more candidates to choose from but settled on Elizabeth Chackola from UDIA and Simon Kirkhope from Zinc for the Workplace Health and Lifestyle Balance Best Healthy Lifestyle Change. Elizabeth showed consistency with every session and most notably her core strength has improved immensely from their once per week fitness session in Fawkner Park. Simon is a regular attendee to sessions put on by a workplace that is second-to-none for their level of care for their employees at Zinc. They have a gym set-up, classes provided throughout the week and conducted by our team and many other fantastic workplace health initiatives. Simon has been consistent with every session and his overall strength has benefited despite having chronic lower back pain. His back pain has reduced substantially and has allowed him to exercise regularly and with gradual increases in exercise load.
  • It is ever so hard to not reward continued excellence year on year for so many of our loyal and committed clients and there are many worthy recipients but we have elected to go with the top four for the Continued Excellence awards. The award winners for this category have been with us for a number of years and merely continue to put their health and wellness first. They are awesome and simply deserve recognition. Well done to – Amanda O’Keefe, Loh Siew Bee, Tania Monroe and Amber Kelaart!
  • For the very first time we have added a Hall of Fame category and these are reflective of not just continued excellence but simply dominating life when it comes to putting health, fitness, well-being on the highest pedestal that it deserves. Simply put, our society as a whole is not active enough, does not eat healthy enough, is mentally weaker than in previous eras and all in all across the board, not enough devotion and application is put in to our mental and physical well-being. So it is with sheer delight that the first two inductees into the Just In Time Hall of Fame are Brad Rowland and James Redfern. James (pictured left below) is a well-known and highly respected real estate agent with Marshall White, has four children including Harry born this year and manages to fit in four PT sessions a week with us (one session each with me, James, Victor and Daniel). I have trained James for over 20 years and his devotion to lifestyle balance and not letting work and life control him is to be commended. James has completed a marathon, a half-ironman and this year took to adding two whiteboards to his garage converted gym that I helped him set-up to help set and achieve numerous goals along the way. Brad spends much of his week jetting around Australia for his role with Typo (he was formerly with Cotton On) but manages to get a weekly session with Daniel to keep him on track and kicking goals. Brad started with us back in 2013, over 5 years ago now and in those first couple of years dropped 20 kgs and nearly 9% body fat. He has stabilised now by adding much muscle, improved posture, diet and incorporates mindfulness into his life too. He has a fantastic balance, commitment to better himself and like Brad is a very worthy inclusion into our Hall of Fame.


So that wraps up our 2018 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards! I encourage all current and new clients in 2019 to set your sights on one of those awards and have a real crack in 2019 and making it the best year for your health, fitness and well-being under the guidance of the Just In Time Personal Training team. Anyone that would like to start Personal Training in the New Year and either currently out of condition or looking to take your health, posture, fitness and well being to another level, I encourage you to start with us and you will be amazed at the results that you can achieve from just one session a week!

Justin Moran and the rest of my amazing team!

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  1. Amanda Howard
    Amanda Howard says:

    Thank you Justin and team for supporting our whole family in our healthier lifestyle goals. We may be the most uncoordinated family but there is always plenty of laughter in each session. Family bonds are strengthened with each individual encouraging one another. We look forward to continuing this journey with you all into the new year. Watch out kids, Uncle Aaron, Dad and l will be bringing our A game to the next tug of war!!

  2. Joan Ko
    Joan Ko says:

    Gosh, Justin, Rowan, I was completely shocked to see my name on this glorious list! I’m sure glad that it was awarded before the Christmas party season. I fell off the wagon this week but have just read Kate’s blog post and am back on track 🙂 so it’s not just the in-person help, the newsletters make all the difference. Thank you!

    • Justin Moran
      Justin Moran says:

      Well done Joan! You have done so well thus far and I am glad that we have been a positive influence on you! Keep it up 🙂


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