Just In Time Personal Training expands to Barwon Heads, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula!

I started Just In Time Personal Training in late 2012 and in that time, our team and quality of service has continued to grow. Starting in Southbank as our base initially, we have expanded in ways I could never have imagined. Being the only Personal Training company in Victoria to employ 100% University Degree fully qualified trainers is something I am immensely proud of and always knew that it would set the very highest standard of Personal Training provision. It is clear in my mind that this has been the single-most differentiating factor in the success of Just In Time to this point and I believe will only get stronger.

Having lived in Melbourne my entire life and now aged 42, I never thought it would be possible to combine my Personal Training career and a career goal of living by the beach and specifically Barwon Heads. You see as a young boy my Nan first bought a Unit in the now gone, Rondor Park – Caravan Park in Barwon Heads and after a few years upgraded to a house in Punt Rd. So for nearly 20 years I was blessed with a beach house for my family to regularly get away to and in my later years as a young adult the opportunity to come down and enjoy my many runs along the beach and up the stairs to the bluff. It was heaven!

Having met my now wife Lauren 11 years ago it was clear that she too loved the beach lifestyle and like me had grown up with a family beach house. Portarlington, Ocean Grove and still to this day Lorne. So with 3 kids and many trips as a family to Lorne, it was pretty clear that if we could make it happen we would do it in a heart beat. The biggest factor holding us back though would be my career and growing business and as such we were largely resigned to the fact that if we were ever to live in Barwon Heads or any similar beach town it would be in retirement.

But literally 366 days ago we booked a house in Barwon Heads for Easter as the Lorne beach house was booked up by Lauren’s brother and not ours to use for the first time in 10 years! We were shattered! That soon changed almost instantly when we arrived on Good Friday and settled into our very small 3 bedroom house and stepped out for one of our many family walks. We started toying with the idea of living here and whether we could do it. Looking in the windows of the real estate agencies and then by the end of that Easter weekend going from serious thought to “we can do this!” Business was going amazingly well and my team in one word “amazing”. I am very fortunate and owe everything to not only my current highly talented team but all that have worked for Just In Time Personal Training to this date. They have been simply amazing. It is because of them and their hard work, dedication and commitment to their clients that I was lucky enough to achieve my life goal of living in Barwon Heads and 20-25 years sooner than I could have ever imagined.

Quite literally we were driving to Barwon Heads up to three times a week from 2 weeks after getting back from our Easter trip and looking at many different houses, making an offer on two and coming second in an auction. In the end we got a house we could have again only ever dreamed of and have been here now for over 6 months. The contrast in life to Melbourne where I lived for 42 years is remarkable and I will more than likely leave living here in a coffin! It is that good 🙂

Back to Just In Time Personal Training! I decided that the best way that I could make it all work was to do two massive days in Melbourne (as I always have) and that being a 5 or 6am start and 9pm finish on a Monday, stay at my Mum and Dad’s house (and a yummy dinner) and then work from 6am through until 8.30pm on a Tuesday and drive back home that night for 5 days in Barwon Heads and picking up some clients in my home town. This has worked perfectly to date and so much so that it was evident early on that I would need to add another to our team down this way. Enter Sam Dawson. Sam started a few weeks back having completed his University degree at Deakin Geelong, some previous Personal Training experience and a selfless attitude that I love in my trainers focused wholeheartedly on improving the lives of our clients in a holistic manner. I am certain that we will need to add another down here in the next couple of months to keep up with demand!

Which brings me to a very proud moment with the addition of a FREE “more than just a walking group” for the Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove community starting on Wednesday April 18. We have been running a similar weekly session in Southbank for over 2 years which has been a hit! For me, it is always of most importance to provide access to health, fitness and well-being initiatives for all and not only those that can afford the luxury of Personal Training. This is a small way that we can give back to the community and I am sure we will look to offer more and more as we continue to grow in the coming years.

As stated above I am extremely proud of my business, my team, our clients and of course my family. I am very fortunate that I have a career that makes my daily life nothing but fun. I urge everyone to follow their passion, live life to the fullest and focus on helping others as it has a very good way of coming back full circle. My favourite saying is “if you give, you get” and I truly have gotten everything I could have ever asked for out of my life and will continue to give my heart and soul to anyone I can to help them enjoy life to the fullest.
Thanks for reading and if there is anything that I or my amazing team can do for you, please don’t hesitate to make contact!

Kind regards,

Justin Moran



0411 798 934

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