The 2017 Just In Time Personal Training Health and Lifestyle Balance awards!

What a massive year of growth it has been for us at Just In Time! A year of over 100% growth and our team really starting to be recognised for the highest quality service that we provide. I couldn’t be happier with my amazingly talented team and our very loyal and fantastic clientele. With us at Just In Time Personal Training it is not all about the body transformations and the before and after photos that you see everywhere else, but more so the holistic way of looking at one’s health, fitness and well being! A way of showing this is our annual “Health and Lifestyle Balance” awards, now into their third year.

We are 100% focussed on not only helping you attain the results you are after but more importantly we strive to ensure that you take complete ownership of your health, fitness and wellbeing whilst creating a better lifestyle balance for you to ensure you get the most out of your day, week, year and your life overall.

All Just In Time Personal Training clients were eligible over the course of the year and nominated by each of our team of highly credentialed trainers. The categories were fiercely contested and as always, it was very hard deciding on our final but very worthy winners.

Our trophy winners for 2017 are as follows:

  • The most coveted and prestigious GOLD Just In Timer award went to Peter Butko (pictured below). Peter’s story is testament to consistency and above-all not giving up when things don’t go as you would expect or want them to. Peter started in March this year and after the first four months of training hard, eating well and following both Luke and my instructions to the letter, he really didn’t lose any weight. But then as reward for all of his hard work and consistency, over the past 4 months Peter has lost a total of 11.5 kgs,  8.7% body fat, gained 4.8% muscle and reduced his visceral fat by 4! More importantly than all of these figures has been his lifestyle change that includes a sensible and balanced diet, mindfulness and a regular exercise regime. In addition Peter has gone from 8 push-ups to 25, from requiring 30+kg of assistance for chin-ups to doing 10 chin-ups on his own with meticulous form and transforming static lunges from hurting like hell to walking lunges with ease! Most importantly, across a time period of injury, illness and other setbacks, Peter’s persistence makes him a very worthy winner of our major award. The Runner Up for the GOLD Just In Timer award went to Zoe Stirling (pictured below)Zoe started with us a couple of years ago having trialled our “Free PT day” in Albert Park. Well wasn’t that a good move. Not only have we acquired a fantastic client that listens, learns and then applies all of what we give her, Zoe has quite literally improved week after week. Her weight, body fat, muscle, flexibility, strength and more have all improved drastically. Zoe should be very proud of her achievement – well done!


  • The Mr Just In Time award for overall improvements and consistency with lifestyle went to as it turns out Zoe Stirling’s husband Doug Stirling (pictured below left). Interestingly enough, Doug came along to watch Zoe partake in our “Free PT day” and at that point had no interest in taking up Personal Training. But after seeing Zoe’s amazing progress and results over a number of months, Doug decided to give it a try. To his credit and in much the same vain as Zoe, Doug has been faultless with his training and losing weight, body fat and visceral fat whilst building much muscle, improve his core strength and posture and he is looking and feeling great! A well deserved Mr Just In Time. The Mrs Just In Time award went to Amber Kelaart!  Amber started in December 2016 and over the course of this year, we have seen a very determined young woman take all before her! Amber loves running and we have helped her improve her core strength, balance and posture not to mention her overall physical strength to match her already massive mental strength to help her run much better and remain injury-free. The Runners Up were James Redfern (pictured below right) and Tania Rickman. James whom although he has been training with me for over 18 years this year had a stand-out year beating so very many PB’s that have stood for years. His commitment to his work, health and family are to be admired. Tania started training with Daniel late 2016 and has lost heaps of weight, improved her diet and all-in-all has been outstanding with her results and commitment to bettering herself.


  • Usually the longer the better and you will see the Best Body Composition Improvements and it is a great reward for an extended period of commitment. But this year a couple (recently engaged) who started on July 24, have been out of this world amazing!!!! Ian Richards and Nicola Elliott (pictured below left) have done everything I could have asked of them and more! The best part is that they only do one Personal Training session a week and then do the rest on their own. Ian lost 9.8 kgs in weight, lost 8.4% body fat and increased his muscle by 4.9%! Nicola lost – wait for it…. 14.8 kgs, lost 12.9% body fat and gained 6.2% muscle. Absolutely amazing and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch their progress and now to get them looking totally amazing for their wedding day mid-2017! The Runners Up for both male and female were Masson Man (pictured below right) and Robyn Jackson. Masson being of Chinese origin when he started with Luke and I followed a diet that was very high in fat and didn’t include much fruit or fresh vegetables. With some slow but steady modifications over time we saw him lose 7.1 kgs, 5.1% body fat and increase muscle by 3%. Robyn had some major previous injuries that limited what exercise and exercises in particular that she could do. With my guidance and taking things slowly, Robyn began to find ways that she could exercise and in addition to eating well and working on it weekly. I am so proud of her efforts and a loss of 12.8kgs, 7.8% body fat and an increase of 2.8% muscle was testament to all of her hard but consistent work.


  • The Best Healthy Lifestyle Change award went to Kathryn Benson. Kathryn was referred to us initially by one of the Physio’s we refer our clients to in Brendan Duncan. Brendan called me to chat about Kathryn’s injury history and wanted to ensure she would be in good hands. Michael started training her in January this year and her results and improvements have been mind-blowing. Her overall attitude to health, fitness and well being has vastly improved and she has learnt to work around her ailments but push herself to continually improve! The Runner Up was Bryan Cantwell whom came to us with a history of lower back pain. Daniel has been instrumental in getting the very best out of Bryan and he has made vast changes for the better to his health and fitness and his lower back is vastly improved. Well done guys 🙂
  • The Best Core and Overall Strength award went to a guy that has had injury all the way through his sporting and active life. Anthony Carey (pictured below left) came to me hoping to put on weight and definitely not lose it. He also wanted to get stronger and fitter. He had played and trained for a number of sports and activities but would generally break down with some form of lower back, hamstring, hip or calf injury. Not only has Anthony remained 100% injury-free since we started in  February but he has developed an insane amount of core strength! So much so that he was a runaway winner of this award. Runner Up was Paul Barnette (pictured below right) whom has been training with Daniel now for nearing two years. In that time Paul has gradually continued to change his body shape and develop considerable core and overall strength!


  • The Young Achiever Healthy Lifestyle Change award went to Gabrielle Villegad who is one of our up-and-coming future tennis stars from the St Andrew’s Tennis Academy where Daniel is in charge of a strength and conditioning program for the junior players 5-6 times a week. Gabrielle is currently ranked in the top 10 in Australia for her age group and Daniel has seen a massive improvement in not only her tennis game but everything she does with his specific training. The Runner Up was Ainslie Holland (pictured below) whom I took his original assessment and set him up with a home program to try and do on his own. It didn’t really get him very far so a few months back, Ainslie started training with Michael and completely overhauled his nutritional habits, set him up with a more accountable exercise regime and then did one PT session a week and saw him lose heaps of weight, feel better and have him destined for even greater results in 2018!

  • With a further increase in demand for our Workplace Health programs this year, we had a few more candidates to choose from but settled on Rebecca Elliston (pictured below) for the Workplace Health and Lifestyle Balance Best Healthy Lifestyle Change. Rebecca hardly missed a session and basically did everything and is now a regular exerciser for life with great behaviours and habits in place.

  • The final set of awards were the Continued Excellence awards and went to a couple of previous award winners from 2015 and 2016 that continue to do everything right! We are all about sustained results and being able to maintain a balanced and healthy life and as such these two continue to excel! Well done to Brad Rowland (pictured below) and Elizabeth Morris!

So that wraps up our 2017 Health and Lifestyle Balance awards! I encourage all current and new clients in 2018 to set your sights on one of those awards and have a real crack in 2018 and making it the best year for your health, fitness and wellbeing under the guidance of the Just In Time Personal Training team. Anyone that would like to start Personal Training in the New Year and either currently out of condition or looking to take your health, posture, fitness and well being to another level, I encourage you to start with us and you will be amazed at the results that you can achieve from just one session a week!

Justin Moran and the rest of my amazing team!

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