So why do you want to lose weight? To do so can be easy with the right education and guidance.

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It is fair to say that over my lengthy time as a Personal Trainer (now closing on 20 years) that the vast majority of people that have come to me all come with a distinct focus on weight loss. Many of them “think” that they need to lose weight, others want to do so to look better, others to feel better about themselves and some to just feel healthier. Some purely want to lose weight because they think it just the thing to do and this is largely due to public perception.

One thing I always ask any new client coming to me for the first time and others that will revisit their focus along their journey and that is “why”? I try to delve into the actual reason that they want to lose weight and after working this out offer them advice and guidance based on the measurements taken from my OMRON body composition device pictured below. This device has been one of the single-most effective pieces of Personal Training equipment in attaining the results we have for our clients with both weight loss and muscle gain as it provides within three minutes a weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle percentage and visceral fat reading every time that we use it. From these results we can then assess how effective the exercise done weekly and the food/drink intake through a filled in nutritional management (food) diary and make adjustments but keep accountable.


Included here is one such example of a client Adam Willis (name changed to protect my client’s privacy) and his results over a period of time:

Updated 2016 OMRON Adam Willis

In this short period of time, I provided Adam with our Just In Time Personal Training Calendar/logbook that we provide all of our clients with to track their exercise, homework exercises and their steps towards behaviour change. In addition to this as outlined above I gave him a food diary to complete weekly and then have him rate it in terms of nutritional value and then I rate it as well. Over time Adam (like all clients generally do) was able to know and understand what worked nutritionally for him and his goals of weight loss and to this day has continued to lose weight, build muscle and rapidly improve fitness and health.

Moving away from this example and getting back to the heart of what prompted me to write this blog was ultimately why people feel the need to lose weight and most often lose it rapidly. I get told by new clients all the time that they want to lose weight which in addition to my questioning of why, I will ask how quick they would like to lose the weight that they want to lose (for the example here I will use 10 kgs). The answer is usually something like “5 weeks”!!! I will then go back to them and ask how long has it taken them to gain that weight and/or when was the last time that they weighed the number that they are striving for and they will often say something like “5 years”!!!

Can you see the difference in expectation? Gain weight over 5 years and then lose that amount of weight in 5 weeks? Sadly we all want things to happen yesterday and often with little or no commitment or effort. After discussing their OMRON results with them and comparing with norms, I will then give them an accurate and honest appraisal on how long it will take them if all goes to plan, if they are diligent with their food intake and their exercise output. Many don’t want to hear that the safest and best amount of weight to lose is 0.5-1.0kgs per week but that is exactly what I hit them with and then start the process of behaviour change and work towards it.

I will often try to explain that more important than losing weight though is actually losing body fat percentage and increasing muscular percentage whilst also decreasing visceral fat. In the case of Adam Willis above, he made a significant decrease in body fat and built muscle but the visceral fat reading is still high (in the attached document but has now hit below 10 where it should be) and that was a rather significant area to focus further on reducing. Almost equal to this as I see it is one’s actual happiness. If you are healthy, active, eat well and lead a very happy life, does one really need to have a specified weight on the scale to feel like they are worthy or accepted in society? I personally couldn’t be happier with my life yet I could probably lose a further 3-5 kgs. I am healthy, fit, eat really well but to me the scales are not my be-all and end-all defining factor of where I sit in life. I strongly urge all of my clients and I implore you as a reader of this to not get hung up on the scales but to focus on what really matters – your health, fitness, career, family, etc. If all of these are in order you will be much better equipped to lead a comfortable and happy life and your weight will often look after itself.

If you are striving to lose weight, are overweight or obese then here is my advice, seek out the help of a qualified dietitian and do your research to find on that will suit your needs. I refer all of my clients to Lisa Middleton whom is first class. She once stood as the head of the Sports Dietitian’s Association of Australia, worked as the head Sports Dietitian for the Essendon, St Kilda and Hawthorn Football clubs and now operates out of Lifecare in Ashburton. Whomever you elect to see have them set you up with a plan and seek a follow up appointment when you can. Then seek the help of a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer for as little as 6 sessions over 6-8 weeks as a minimum and help set you off on a path of accountability and helping change your behaviour and help steer you to the fitter and healthier person that you want to be. You may well then have invested in yourself, gained some invaluable advice, guidance and education to go on further either on your own or with a friend or family member. Cost is always a factor but see what works for your budget and take the necessary steps that you need to achieve your ultimate happiness!

One last thing – NEVER EVER get sucked into thinking that Herbalife, Isagenix, Amway, Healthpointe 2.0 or any other supplement based approach is the right way to get results. Simply put, as soon as you embark on one of these pathways, you will be hit with a calorie-restricted diet that will include little carbohydrate (carbohydrates store water), you will be fired up (positive mind) and you will lose weight almost instantly! Here is the thing, psychologically you will feel great! You have spent your money, you have lost weight and you will think you are on the right path… However all you have lost is water – not fat and possibly even muscle. The process is not sustainable and has been keeping these companies in business for years. Trust me I have seen them all and it is not the answer for you, me or anyone else. Stay away – you’ve been warned! And don’t fall into the trap of “clean-eating” either!

(Here are my thoughts on Personal Trainers that align themselves with Herbalife, Isagenix, etc)

I hope that this has given you some helpful advice that helps you make some positive change to your health and life.

Kind regards,

Justin Moran

Personal Training Managing Director



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