Stick with cooking Pete Evans, you are a chef not a dietitian.

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My kids think that I cook a really good lamb cutlet (or lolly-pop chop as they refer to them) on the BBQ and I think that I make a very nice turkey and salad sandwich but I am in no way qualified to refer to myself as a chef. I am very good at taking my Personal Training clients blood pressure but I am not qualified in any way to call myself a doctor either.

B or C grade celebrity chef Pete Evans however seems to feel that he knows more than a dietitian or a nutritionist to try to sell books (and good luck to him!) and sadly he is gathering traction and has many followers willing to join his ‘tribe’ as he calls it. Yet his one-size-fits-all approach to selling the “Paleo” diet is making it harder for all of us in the health, nutrition, fitness and Personal Training industry as he moves away from the common-sense approach to healthy eating which in my opinion is all about a ‘sustainable’ well-balanced and planned eating behaviour modification made over time. Please read this link as it is fantastic.

Some of the suggestions and assumptions made by his book/s and/or the advice given is a little scary and it is sad in addition to this that many now feel the need just to sound cool and ‘on trend’ by mentioning the mere fact that they are Paleo, follow the Paleo diet, eat Kale and the worst one is even mentioning that they will only consume “activated almonds!!!” – God help me!!! Muslims may not eat Pork but you don’t hear them publically in cafes or restaurant’s talking about the fact so proudly as for them it is just a normal way of life. They don’t feel the need to broadcast the fact as a badge of honour or to be seen to be “cool” by their peers.”

I must add at this point that I am quite approving of much of the ideals of some of the Paleo principles. I mean who could argue that fresh is best? Who could argue that we as a society consume way too much processed food? BUT the Paleo diet like all diets, is restrictive in nature and therefore unsustainable and in many ways not only unhealthy for some people but the people following it are socially rather embarrassing. Just get back to choosing wisely your food choices as you deem fit but no-one needs to hear you openly discussing your Paleo way of life and taking pictures of your new gym gear, with knee-high colourful socks and matching crop tops (which If I was stereotyping this just seems to go hand in-hand and often accompanied by being a crossfit regular!) .

The topic of Paleo is rather hot at the moment and whilst it will ride the wave (as all diets do), let me assure you it will be replaced with another ‘fad’ diet soon enough.

Interestingly enough, Pete Evans has a Facebook page that has been gathering much attention in recent days and a page that bans just about anyone that merely raises any question about a “balanced” diet, asks hard-hitting questions of the science behind a Paleo diet or has a dietitian quiz anything about some of the claims made. I was banned a few weeks ago for merely making a very simple comment that a Paleo diet is a one-size-fits all diet and people needed to ensure it was “safe” for them and their medical conditions and even relevant to their goals.

In an amusing twist, a Facebook page was started a couple of days ago titled “Blocked by Pete Evans” and soon followed by a twitter handle #blockedbypete. The Facebook page in a few days already has 2197 likes and has many leading dietitians and nutritionists alike following and contributing to it.

This notion of people following a celebrity chef is just a little scary as to a) just how shallow, simple and gullible many of the general population are and b) that following a diet such as Paleo could be harmful and potentially even fatal for some types of medical conditions. Put simply, the value in going to actually spend $60-$150 to see a University qualified dietitian with many years of experience and a vast array of scientific backing behind any ‘personal recommendations’ given would be money much better spent than buying a book that even if you do read it, will ultimately be replaced by another when the next fad comes and you will likely have realised that it is not for you anyway. I cannot rate highly enough Lisa Middleton as one such fully qualified, experienced, accredited and leading dietitian.

A qualified Personal Trainer is another very good option if they have undertaken nutrition in their University course (note – A 3 or 4 year Bachelor degree in Sports or Exercise Science not merely an industry minimum standard of a certificate 3 or 4 in Personal Training) and can work with you over time and actually help you develop a change in behaviour and work with you to make gradual positive changes and have this monitored to suit and blend in with your health, fitness and well-being goals. (As an aside, this is where Just In Time Personal Training stands out – )

Lastly I have a few linked articles and Facebook pages further on the topics of Paleo/Gluten-free and healthy eating and the associated benefits/negatives and I strongly suggest you read them and look them up as they are very good and will help give you a greater insight and understanding into all things health and nutrition.

Thinking Nutrition – is a very good page that I suggest you like on facebook – some very good information and education.

The Moderation Movement – is an excellent page that I am loving at present on facebook and shares deeply my sentiment of “lifestyle balance”. It’s short decription states “You don’t need to quit certain foods or follow rules to achieve your healthiest body and your happiest mind. We’re bringing balance back!”

Article: Everyone’s a nutrition expertThis is the must read article I added above within the content of my blog and is an excellent read.

Article: Gluten Sensitivity: new epidemic or new mythA good take on Gluten-free.

VIDEO link – This is a very funny new, clever and funny advert for Grill’d but ironic in many ways with what is actually advertising:

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