Commando Steve, Sage Institute and the many shortcomings of the Fitness Industry


We all know Michelle Bridges, Commando Steve, Shannon Ponton and Tiffany Hall… They are almost household names and the pin-ups of the Personal Training and Fitness Industry. Michelle and Commando Steve are ambassadors for The Australian Institute of Fitness and … Read more

Are carbohydrates really the enemy for weight loss?


I cannot tell you how many times… almost daily that someone will mention how bad carbs are, how they dare not eat potatoes or pasta or are aghast when I mention that I have had a sandwich for lunch!

Carbohydrates … Read more

So why do you want to lose weight? To do so can be easy with the right education and guidance.

men weight

It is fair to say that over my lengthy time as a Personal Trainer (now closing on 20 years) that the vast majority of people that have come to me all come with a distinct focus on weight loss. Many … Read more

New Year’s resolutions – forget about them unless….

New Year resolution

Save yourself the trouble of setting a New Year’s resolution unless the resolution or resolutions that you are setting have been building in importance and the feeling of wanting to change has progressed somewhat in recent time because otherwise you … Read more

The 2015 Just In Time Personal Training Health and Lifestyle Balance Awards


One of the biggest things that sets us apart from our competitors is our approach to giving everything we can to our clients. It goes without saying that we are one of very few Personal Training companies that strictly employs … Read more

Why we are the only Personal Training company in Victoria that employs only University Degree qualified trainers?


Just about anyone can be a Personal Trainer these days! There are over 30,00 registered Personal Trainers within Australia and whilst the majority complete the fitness industry minimum standard of Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, there are many more … Read more

Does your Personal Trainer sell you supplements? If so, get rid of them!!!



If the answer is yes, ask yourself if the reason is to supplement your health and wellbeing or is it to supplement your Personal Trainer’s wage?

In my 18+ years of experience I have seen it all and I … Read more

Is a Personal Trainer really worth it?

I am sure you are expecting me to answer this with an emphatic “YES!!!” But in all honesty, on the whole I would have to answer that no they are not!

Australia-wide there are over 30,000 registered Personal Trainers and … Read more

“More than just a Personal Trainer” – what am I then?

With the ever-increasing flooding of the market with Personal Trainers almost by the day, it has had me thinking. There are now well over 30,000 Personal Trainers registered Australia-wide! The vast majority of these have entered the field with the … Read more

New Gymnasium Review – Sanctuary Lakes Resort Recreation Centre

SL pool

For those of you that don’t know, my wife, 3 kids and I live at Sanctuary Lakes. We moved from the CBD/Essendon over 7 years ago when we decided to build our own home and start our family. We … Read more