The 7 proven tools for long-term health and fitness results! A successful Personal Trainers’ perspective.


Here are what you will require to get the long-term results of a successful health and fitness journey no matter what your exact individual goals are:

1)   OMRON body composition monitor including scales (accountability, education and behaviour change)

2)   12

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New Gymnasium Review – Sanctuary Lakes Resort Recreation Centre

SL pool

For those of you that don’t know, my wife, 3 kids and I live at Sanctuary Lakes. We moved from the CBD/Essendon over 7 years ago when we decided to build our own home and start our family. We … Read more

Michelle Bridges – Integrity and Credibility = 0.

Get real

Michelle Bridges – Credibility and Integrity = 0.

Michelle Bridges is supposedly the pinnacle of all Personal Trainers in Australia, closely followed by Shannon Ponton and Commando Steve. This amazes me but really goes to show both the power of … Read more

Who is Usain Bolt? Who is Glen Mills?

Usain Bolt

I would be very surprised if many of you didn’t know the answer to who Usain Bolt is. Yet I am equally confident that very few of you would have any idea of who Glen Mills is?

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Extremism – it’s only for the select few and definitely not for all!

We are living in a very interesting time at present and one that seems increasingly exacerbated by image, narcissism and the compulsion to let anyone and everyone know about what we are eating, what we are doing for exercise and … Read more

FREE weekly exercise class? No way, I’ll call the police! – A tale of two vastly different communities.


I write this post in disbelief about the short-sightedness of many and the reality that this world is suffering more and more from political corectness, bureaucracy and too many people wanting power.

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Muscle and fat are two different tissues. Thanks Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine for helping NOT to educate people!


One myth that many people get wrong is that muscle can turn into fat and vice versa. This is simply not possible as they are two very different compounds The picture above should show you from a visual perspective – … Read more

ACCEPTING MEDIOCRITY – Not on our time and not under our watch!


One thing that amazes me and annoys me about Personal Trainers is their willingness to be seen to be nice, accomodating and to appease the client. Sure, the client is paying you but, they are paying you for results! They … Read more

Repetitions – how many should I be doing when doing weights or resistance training?



How many times have I been asked the question “how many reps should I be doing”? Probably way more than the number of actual repetitions I have done performing exercises myself! Ok, well may be not that many.

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Stick with cooking Pete Evans, you are a chef not a dietitian.

pete 3

My kids think that I cook a really good lamb cutlet (or lolly-pop chop as they refer to them) on the BBQ and I think that I make a very nice turkey and salad sandwich but I am in no … Read more